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Audioo is an interesting site which aims to become the largest online archive of all kinds of human voice recordings. While at the moment the site is limited to voicemail sharing, in future they do intend to venture into other ways of collating human voices.

The site has random voicemails categorized under OMG, WTF, Latest, Random and My Shiz (your personal audioo account). You could listen to them and share them via Twitter, Facebook etc. Most of them are hilarious.

listen to voicemails online

You can also upload funny messages to the site, using the following methods :

  • Submit via the Firefox Add-on for Google Voice.
  • Call 1-405-4-AUDIOO (405-428-3466) to leave a message.
  • Forward voicemails directly from your handset (typically Option 6 from your voicemail menu).
  • Upload .mp3, .wav, and other recorded voice mail files directly.
  • Email with .mp3, .wav, and other recorded voicemail audio files which get posted to your Audioo account.
  • Use your computer’s microphone to record and upload.

The site never displays the phone number of the voicemail so you don’t need to worry about privacy issues. Also check out the recordings uploaded and trends in your neighborhood through their geolocation feature.


  • Share and listen to hilarious voicemails online.
  • Share your recordings with the world.
  • Upload voicemails via Google Voice or through your handset.
  • Also upload files directly, email them or do it through your PC’s microphone.

Check out Audioo@

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