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If you are looking for free downloadable audio books, then you should check out AudioLiterate. This website archives and displays free MP3 audiobooks from classical and public domain titles, allowing you to stream or download these files for your pleasure.

stream audio books for free

AudioLiterate lets you search for audio files by author and genre. The simple homepage shows the recently added book, genre categories, as well as feature audiobooks. Clicking on an entry will allow you to download the whole audio file from, although you can also choose to stream each chapter with their embedded audio player.


With several public domain titles available, AudioLiterate is a great way to consume all these great works as it makes it very easy to access for students, audiobook listeners, and avid readers. The site’s collection is currently sparse, but expect more books to become available as the website grows.


  • Free streaming and download of audiobooks.
  • Categorized by genre and author.
  • Stream audiobooks by chapter.
  • Read book description before listening.
  • Similar Tools: Audiobooks App,, and Librophile.
Check out AudioLiterate @

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  1. James Fraser
    February 5, 2012 at 9:59 am

    James here, creator of AudioLiterate.  Thanks for mentioning the site!  The pressure sure is on to get the site manually filled with content.  It's an uphill struggle, but in the end it will be worth it to have quality content as opposed to a site that's full of scraped and duplicated text etc.  Hope everyone enjoys it!? :)