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Convert a Word document to an audio book. Sure, the resulting book will be read by one of the computerized voices built into Windows, but if you want to listen to a document on the go instead of reading it yourself, Audiodocs is a great tool for the job.

The process couldn’t be much simpler – simply open the program, point to a Word document and Audiodocs will create a WAV file in that same directory.

convert a word document to audio

Of course, a limitation here are the voices – the default Microsoft Anna is not exactly the best in the business. There are ways to replace her however, so look into that if necessary, but even the best artificial voice pales in comparison to an actual human reading something. Shakespearean acting this is not.


Right now the program only supports converting a Word document to an audio file, but the interface suggests more such conversions are on the way – the initial window has room for plenty of buttons. Here’s hoping for the option to convert EPUBs, PDFs and a TXT files. This could go a long way toward allowing people listen to their existing ebooks on the go.


Modern smartphones and players often include some sort of text-to-speech function, but if you don’t have such a device – or simply would prefer not to use it in order to listen to a document – Audiodocs is worth checking out. It converts documents fairly quickly.


  • An easy to use Windows app.
  • Converts Word documents to audio files (.Wav).
  • Requires .NET and Microsoft Office be installed in order to function.
  • Perfect for playing a Word document on an MP3 player – though you’ll probably want to convert the WAV using Convertaudio, FlicFlac or Wave Editor to save storage space on your device.

Download Audiodocs @ SourceForge (via AddictiveTips)

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