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Offering a digital product for a monthly fee is all the rage now. You have Netflix and Hulu killing it in the video space. Spotify and Rhapsody are doing their thing in the music space, and now you have looking to capitalize on that model in the audio book space. They offer a service for $24.99 per month, that allows users to listen to as many audiobooks as they please. It’s a novel idea (no pun intended), that could see great success. People enjoy paying one flat amount and using it as much as they like, and for the business, it means a steady stream of income.

unlimited audio books

Currently, has around 11,000 books available. This number is substantially smaller than Amazon owned Audible, which has over 100,000 books on their service. Of course, with Audible you don’t have unlimited access to the books, so it’s a trade-off. Personally, I’d prefer a little less choice and not having to pay for each book.


In addition to listening in your browser, they also offer an HTML 5 application for use on your mobile device. This way, you can take your books on the road, which is where most people listen to audiobooks. You can seamlessly switch between your computer and your mobile device.



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