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Sometimes recording an audio speech is better than writing it as the former can convey a richer meaning that cannot be captured by written words. Audioboo is a web and mobile platform that allows you to easily share an audio recording over the internet. With this social networking site, you can easily upload or record an audio recording to your account and use it as a convenient platform for an audio blog or an online collection of recordings.

share recordings

There are two ways by which you can share a recording to your Audioboo account: by its mobile application or through its website. Its mobile app supports iPhone and Android phones and they are also developing support for Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile as well.

share recordings

Audioboo also has a social networking component as you can explore other people’s profiles, follow them, and listen to their recordings. You can also download a podcast of their recordings via iTunes or through RSS feeds.


  • Easily share your audio recordings online.
  • Attach a picture, tags, title, and description on the audio recording.
  • Record audio using your iPhone and Android phone using the mobile app.
  • Record or upload audio though the web.
  • 5 minute limit on a single recording and 50MB limit on uploads.
  • Lets you record anonymously on the mobile app.
  • Follow other people’s accounts.
  • Link your account to other social networks.
  • Subscribe to other people’s recordings via iTunes or RSS feeds.
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