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Tumblr owners and Tumblr followers, here is an important message: On Saturday, October 6th, all Tumblr blogs will stop working at around 4:00AM EST (8:00AM UTC), and will gradually return to normal operation over the next few hours. The reason behind this outage is an upgrade to Tumblr’s infrastructure, which is supposed to make the huge microblogging system even better for its users and fans.

When the time arrives, and Tumblr goes down, your dashboard and blog will be replaced by a simple “We’ll be right back” message, which you can see here. According to Blake Matheny, Tumblr’s VP Engineering, “the maintenance behind this interruption will go an extremely long way towards ensuring the highest level of service for many years to come.”

For users in North America, this shouldn’t be a huge problem, providing you don’t have a habit of updating your Tumblr at 4 in the morning, or solve sleepless nights by reading your favorite Tumblogs. As usual, users from other areas in the world will be more affected, when the outage hits them just in time for their morning coffee, or even later in the day. In these cases, there won’t be much to do but wait for the blogs to come back, which will hopefully not take long.

You can see the full notice from Tumblr here. It does not include a year, but according the The Next Web, it is verified by Tumblr.

What do you think of this outage? Are you happy for the upgrade, or mad for losing access to your blog?


Source: The Next Web

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