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Summer is right around the corner, and that means it is time for Google to open up registration for their Summer of Code program. This program allows students to apply for paid internships working on open-source projects. For budding coders out there, this is an incredible opportunity to build some experience, make a little money and help out open-source projects that are in need of skilled programmers.

The program is three months long, and pays students to work with a mentor on open source projects in the field. This is a chance for students to work with an established programmer and build some real world experience, which can be incredibly valuable when they graduate.

There are 180 open source projects approved for the Summer of Code this year. Students can send their proposals from now until April 6th. After the 6th the organizers will check the submissions and make choices on which students will be admitted to the program.

If you need more information about the Summer of Code, you can check out the program’s official website. Google is having a Google+ Hangout for the program on April 2nd, where students can find out information and ask questions.

Get those proposals in, because April 6th is right around the corner!


Source: Mashable

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