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Remember in February, when I wrote about ISUploader ISUploader - The Only DivShare Desktop Uploader [Mac] ISUploader - The Only DivShare Desktop Uploader [Mac] Read More and bragged that it was the only desktop DivShare client? Well, the developers over at inventiveSoft are just about ready to launch ISUploader V2 – now known as Daphnism. I also had the chance to interview the main developer on the project to get his views and thoughts about Daphnism and why he created it, although that’s later in the article. For now, let’s take a look at Daphnism and how it grew from a budding idea which was ISUploader.

I’ve used ISUploader tons and one of my gripes is that it’s hard to read the list of files which I have hosted at DivShare. Daphnism addresses this issue. At first glance, the user interface is very intuitive – add an account, select the account to log in, view the list of files on the right and drop files into the upload box to upload to DivShare. Simple.

What’s new in Daphnism:

  • Now supports multiple DivShare accounts
  • Unlimited simultaneous file upload (200MB total file size restriction)
  • Growl notifications
  • Larger file viewer
  • Publish file links to Facebook & MySpace
  • Send email with file link
  • Easier account setup
  • New Inspector layout

As you can see, the new features are by heaps and bounds more useable and a huge upgrade from ISUploader. Daphnism’s only Achilles heel is the inability to delete files. Nevertheless, I personally feel that there’s absolutely no reason not to use Daphnism if you deal with DivShare frequently and own a Mac.


There’s nothing more I can say to persuade you to try it except that I use Daphnism religiously now. Instead of launching my web browser, logging into Divshare and deal with the Javascript uploader; all I do now is launch Daphnism.

Let’s find out more about how Daphnism came to life. Here’s the main developer, Phil.

Jackson: Phil, thanks for agreeing to participate in this interview. Tell us a bit about InventiveSoft.
Phil: Thanks, Jackson. Well, to be honest we are a very small company – but something like this is not always bad. This way we are able to communicate directly with users without having to worry their ideas won’t reach us.

Jackson: Daphnism looks like a very promising piece of software, especially when it’s so pioneering. Why don’t you tell us about it and the reason you decided to develop it? What were your inspirations when you were writing this application?
Phil: Now I would love to have a nice story but in fact there isn’t one. It’s only because we disliked the idea that Mac users either had to rent their own server or – if they use free filehosters – to use the hoster’s very time-consuming web interface to store files. So we started to develop an application that brings the marvellous features of DivShare together with a fantastic Mac interface.

Jackson: Do you see Daphnism totally replacing DivShare’s web interface?
Phil: Not as long as DivShare doesn’t allow us to delete files via their API. If they did so sometime in the future, I would say it’s possible – at least for Mac users. But let me get this straight: I really like the Divshare web interface and the way I see it, it’s much more probable that Daphnism and the web interface will complement each other.

Jackson: I’ve been running the beta version of Daphnism for a while now and it’s pretty amazing. Like I said, it’s pioneering. But I only have a free DivShare account – the question is: Will there be a separate version of Daphnism for DivShare Pro accounts that takes advantage of the additional features?
Phil: Currently I can’t talk about this as we don’t have Pro accounts that we could use to test some of the interesting features we have in mind. Maybe Divshare could contribute to our work by giving us one or two ;-)

Jackson: Do you think that Daphnism will face any competition from other developers?
Phil: No, I don’t think so because most developers only work if they can be sure their work will be worthwhile. And why should someone develop another app like this that he has to release as freeware in order to be a real competitor to Daphnism? That wouldn’t make sense at all.

Jackson: What are your visions for Daphnism or InventiveSoft down the line?
Phil: Oh, there are many things planned. But for the near future, there will be only one theme for us as we are a very small company without much resources: Improving Daphnism so that each Mac user will have a convenient solution in order to share files with other people (even people with other platforms) by the aid of the great filehoster Divshare – completely free of charge.

Jackson: Is there going to be a Windows or Linux version or is everyone supposed to buy a Mac to use Daphnism?
Phil: Yes, everyone who likes Daphnism will have to buy a Mac. It’s not because we don’t like the idea of supporting other OSes but it’s because writing Mac applications is simply a piece of cake – compared to writing apps on a horrible OS like Windows, for instance. Developing for OS X means creating a nice UI with good functionality, developing apps for Windows means hunting down bugs ;-)

Jackson: Well, Phil thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Anything you’d like to part to our readers?
Phil: Of course there is something: If you are experiencing problems with our software or have suggestions, get in touch with us! The best feedback a developer can get is feedback from a real user.

As I said right in the beginning of this article, Daphnism is just about ready to be launched. As of the time of writing, Daphnism isn’t even a public beta yet. But good news for MakeUseOf readers! If you’re interested, Phil will send you a beta to try out. All you need to do is voice out in the comments. So go ahead and tell us if you’re interested!

Daphnism is Mac only and supports OS X 10.5 and higher at the current time (work is being done to include support for 10.4). A DivShare account is required.

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  1. Phil
    April 8, 2009 at 2:47 am

    For some unknown reason my emailaddress is not shown correctly in my last post. So here is it again: phil -at- inventivesoft -dot- de

  2. Phil
    April 8, 2009 at 2:43 am


    As we are still in private beta at the moment publishing the link here is not a sensible idea ;-)
    If someone wants to try out Daphnism, the only thing he has to do is dropping me a note at phil at inventivesoftde.

    All the best,


  3. brian
    April 7, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    I would love to try out Daphnism