Attach 10GB Files To Gmail With New Google Drive Integration [Updates]

gmail google drive4   Attach 10GB Files To Gmail With New Google Drive Integration [Updates]Attaching big files to Gmail just got a whole lot easier with a new Google Drive feature that integrates right into Gmail. If you’re already using Google Drive, and you probably are now that Google Docs has become Google Drive, you will now be able to attach files stored on your Google Drive to any email with just one click and without leaving Gmail.

Since you can upload files as big as 10GB to Google Drive, this also means you can now attach very big files to your emails, without the old limitations on file size. And since you’re sending your recipients to the actual file which is stored in the cloud, they will have continued access to the most up-to-date version of it, without you needing to send it again and again.

gmail google drive   Attach 10GB Files To Gmail With New Google Drive Integration [Updates]

This is a really convenient feature for those who use Google Drive, but what happens if you share a file with someone who doesn’t have access to it? Google takes care of that too. Just like Gmail warns you about forgetting attachments if it recognizes that you meant to include one, if will also warn you about sending Google Drive files to users who can’t access them, and will prompt you to change the file’s sharing settings accordingly. This is also done without ever leaving Gmail.

As always with Google, the feature is rolling out slowly over the next few days, so be patient if you can’t see it yet. Note that the Google Drive feature is only included Gmail’s new compose, so if you haven’t enabled it yet, and want to take advantage if this feature, it might be time to do so.

Will you be using this new feature? Will you switch to the new Gmail compose for it?

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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Florin Ardelian

WARNING: This does not attach the files to your email! If you delete the files from your Drive, they will no longer be available to your recipients.

Yaara Lancet

Yes, naturally. Sorry if this was not clear. For the same reason you’d run into trouble if your recipient doesn’t have access to the Drive folder.

Kelly Karpinski

Thank you.


I’ve always hated the attachment capacity to one of the best email client. It’s good that google is taking a page from the book of Microsoft[Outlook].

Thanks MUO for the info.


Will it allow public access to files or only to specific users we give. How will it work in Gapps. When i send file to non gmail user,what will happen?

Yaara Lancet

As far as I understand it, you decide who will be able to view your Drive folders, and if you send a file to someone without granting them access, they won’t be able to see it.

As for Google Apps, it should work as well. As for non-Gmail users, it shouldn’t be a problem since the files are actually on Google Drive. They will need to access Google Drive to see them, though.

Mayank Sharma

Few doubts –

* What if I send a file and change the contents of it later ?

* What if the I want a collaborative editing of the document with the recipient ?

Yaara Lancet

As for your first question, and as mentioned in the post, if you change the file, your recipient will be able to see the changes since they have access to the actual file in the cloud and not just a copy or version of it.

Collaborative editing is a feature offered in Google Drive, but you both need to be logged on to Drive and have access to the file.


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Great post, you make some great points. I’ll definately add your RSS feed and check back often.


I wonder how microsoft will react to this?

Furqana Fathuzzaman

so… it’s basically “share and sending the link of file on drive” instead of attaching?

Yaara Lancet

Pretty much, yes. :)

Mihovil Pletikos

but does it help when you send to people without google account?

Yaara Lancet

I think you need a Google account to access files on Google Drive.

Debra Beshears

All I have to say is: Sweet.

Mac Witty

A bit of “public links” in Dropbox? But there the recipients do not need to have access to my Gdrive folder. Right?

Yaara Lancet

Right! But you can have different folders with different sharing options, just like Dropbox.

Christopher Miliotti

Great addition to gmail! I love being able to email items and still be able to update/change without re-emailing

Abba Jee

thanks for sharing :)

Marianne Martin

Google drive is the best! I just started using it but so far it’s great.


Voila! It’s even better.

Amit Sinha

Earlier a email clients accepts up to only 10MB(max) of files to attached on a single mail but nowadays it has been increased to 25MB.

Henry Ward

Brilliant! Been waiting for this for years! Sure am glad I use GMail.

Denis Cole

You have got to admit that this “Makeuseof website” has a wealth of features!

Sashi Peiris

Quite a cool artical

Sashi Peiris


Alejandro Hernandez

Pretty good feature but it takes a lot of time to upload a big file to Google Drive.

Douglas Mutay

I am using the lovely Gmail’s new compose but I haven’t seen the new feature yet. Hopefully this will be available soon. Or is there anything I should do to have it available?? Thanks for sharing this info!

Yaara Lancet

Nothing you need to do, it should appear shortly. I can’t see it either, actually.

Douglas Mutay

Yes! Actually it was just there but hidden behind the ” + ” sign just next to the attachment icon. I have hovered my mouse on it and it instantaneously showed the other options with the Drive integration icon also. Thank you!

Yaara Lancet

Awesome. :)

Jesse Manalansan

Not bad Google :)

Fahad Haleem

Nice , In this way sending or receiving a large file will be very easy

Shahbaz Amin

Wow 10GB is practically unlimited attachment file size limit! Tell me why shouldn’t I like Google? :D

Kelly Karpinski

Thank you. This is easier than sharing a folder.