AT&T iOS App Provides 5 GB of Free Online Storage [Updates]

attt locker   AT&T iOS App Provides 5 GB of Free Online Storage [Updates]If you’re looking for yet another place to stash photos, documents, videos, and other media online, the phone carrier AT&T is providing 5GB of storage space for its customers.

AT&T Locker is a multi-platform cloud storage space that works similarly to other cloud storage spaces like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sugar Sync, allowing users to upload, archive, and share files over social networks and email. The Locker was launched on Android earlier this year and now comes to the iOS.

After registering for an account, you can upload and store files from your Mac, PC, and supporting portable mobile devices. The mobile Locker app also provides an option for all your new photos and videos to be automatically uploaded to your AT&T Locker account. This might be okay if you don’t shoot a lot of media; otherwise, it could quickly eat up your storage space. There is an option of course for manual uploads.

att locker app   AT&T iOS App Provides 5 GB of Free Online Storage [Updates]

The online user interface of both the web and iOS version of the Locker are pretty straight forward to use. Music and video will play from within a Locker account, and there are some very basic management features for organizing files in sub-folders.

The Locker also provides image previews of your files that navigate similarly to the Mac Cover Flow. Links to your online content can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and email. It does not appear, however, that song files can be shared. The app’s iTunes page also states that downloading usage from a wireless device may consume data.

Source: Macworld

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Yiz Borol

Nice, I’m on AT&T, I’ll see if I can get my hands on this.

Shahid khan

I want to see vedio move or

Ahmed Khalil

good option from AT & T, i hope same options for other providers outside USA

Boni Oloff

Is this free forever, or just free for limited years?

Bakari Chavanu

Boni, it looks as if it’s free with limits. But you should check out what it says on the site.

Raghav Gupta

Yes got my id :)

Raghav Gupta

niceeeeeee…………………………… :)

Nikhil Chandak

good one !!
thanks for the updates

Bakari Chavanu

You’re welcome.

Jon Smith

yay more free space!

Bakari Chavanu

Yep, another place to stash some stuff.

Zhong Jiang

What happens if your internet is dead and you cannot access it if there’s important information you need to acquire? I’d guess the cloud storage provide a free expense from using data otherwise unable through a physical storage but sending it on a server which might be hacked or stolen through purge of firewalls is risky nonetheless.

Bakari Chavanu

Yeah, well, this might not be a good place to store sensitive data or stuff that you need access to all the time.

Boni Oloff

I think cloud storage just used as secondary storage, more like backup place. Because it is safer, and no physical lost that may happen like if you safe data in flash drive, that you can lost anytime.

Alex Downs

Still couldn’t pay me to use AT&T