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Try to improve it as they do, it’s hard to deny that the Facebook Android app is slow, unresponsive and and doesn’t exactly feel like a native app. If you’re annoyed by this don’t worry – help is here, and it’s called Atrium. This third-party client for Facebook runs in the background, caching your timeline, so you’ll know it loads quickly. If the official Facebook app seemed to slow down your otherwise top-of-the-line Android device you’ll be glad you installed it.

Load Atrium and you’ll see your timeline. Scroll and you’ll be surprised by the smoothness – everything being preloaded means no waiting. You can also scroll to the right to bring up a list of your friends, perfect if you want to chat with them or check out their timeline.

faster facebook android

Scroll to the right again and you’ll see all your Facebook messages, meaning you can continue conversations here that you started on your desktop. While the app is open you’ll be seen as “Online” by other Facebook friends, so don’t be surprised if they say hi – the app offers notifications every time they do, even if you’re not currently using Atrium. You can change this and a few other things in the settings, but don’t expect a whole lot of options: there’s a real focus on simplicity here.


The app needs a lot of permissions from Facebook in order to run, which makes sense: you’re using this app to do pretty much everything you do on Facebook.

  • An easy to use Facebook client for Android.
  • Much faster than Facebook’s own app.
  • Caches your timeline for quick load times.
  • Supports Facebook chat, complete with notifications, when the app is closed.
  • No support for managing pages.
  • Other Facebook apps: FastFacebook, Facebook Pages Manager, FacebookDeletes.

Check out Atrium on Google Play (via

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  1. BlackFalcon
    June 6, 2013 at 1:46 am

    Is there any option to disable "seen as online" thing? I mean what, if I want to send message to one of my friends, but don't want to be online on chat, and want to "hide" myself?