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organize party onlineEveryone loves a good party, but organising one can be quite problematic. Atomeet is a tool that tries to simplify the party planning process, allowing you to organize party online and keep on top of who is coming, and confirm that people know where to go.

Before we look further into this tool, this article does take into consideration that Facebook does in fact have a built in Events manager. The aim of this article therefore is to highlight the alternatives to Facebook.

Creating An Event

You obviously want to advertise and highlight your party but firstly you must create your event on the Atomeet website. Part of Atomeet’s appeal is that it simplifies creating an event using intelligent suggestions and has a very aesthetic feel to it’s site.

atomeet - party planning software

To create your event, enter the name of your event, be as specific as possible with its location and then select the time you want it to start. Once you have agreed with the terms and conditions, clicking “Create My Party” will take you through to your party page.

Atomeet will immediately ask you to associate an email address with your party page, so that you can be alerted to any changes on your page and also to receive the unique URL to share with your friends.



By clicking the small panel on the left of your avatar, you can change the look and feel of your site. Atomeet have many different presets for you to choose from, whether it’s a Christmas or New Year party or just a drink down the pub, you have designs to reflect this.

You are encouraged to write a description detailing the finer points that you aren’t able to articulate anywhere else (dress codes, entry fee, etc). Entering a website address of the location and a contact number allows you to give a bit more security to the people who might be hovering on attendance to your party.

Once you have set up all the details of your event, you will obviously want to invite your friends. Atomeet automates this process by allowing you to import your contacts from your Gmail, Windows Live or Yahoo email account.


Now all that is left is to see if people will RSVP and actually want to come to your event! There is a wall that allows people to leave messages for the party organiser, to iron out any potential problems or to answer any questions attendees may have. As people respond they will be added to a realtime guest list on your party page.

Do you use any other party planning software or websites to organise your parties? Maybe one of the mobile or online event planners that were already profiled on MakeUseOf. If you do, please leave a suggestion in the comments.

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