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If you need to track something but feel really lazy to use a spreadsheet or form to do it, AskMeEvery is a great alternative. It is a simple web service where you can create a question that will be sent to everybody through a text message. You can then reply to the text message with your answer, and it will be stored online. Log into your online account anytime to view that data as a cool graph.

There is no sign up needed. When you create a question, a password is sent to you via text that you can use to view your data. You can create as many questions as you want. Setting up a question literally takes less than a minute and you can also specify what time of the day you want to receive that question. You can also make any question inactive at any time or clear the data.

data via sms


  • Store personal data online by responding to text messages.
  • View data as a graph and reset it as needed.

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