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Ask500People is an interesting Q&A service where you can ask any question with a simple to chose multiple choice answers and get it “quickly” answered by 500 people. However, before your question gets posted for everyone to see, it should pass through a community question board and receive necessary number of votes.

Ask Question to 500 People

In case you wonder where Ask500People gets so much of exposure for selected questions, here is what they say: “We’ve made arrangements with several high-traffic sites to be able to display polls there when needed.”

Features List:

  • Ask questions and express your opinion by answering questions from other users.
  • Comment on and rate questions.
  • Add additional answer options.
  • Put an Ask500People widget on your website and let your readers vote on current questions.

Check out Ask500people @

  1. Crazydog
    December 25, 2007 at 5:11 pm

    Even though it's called ask 500 people, if you don't pay to have your question asked, only 100 votes are made on your question.

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