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** Editor’s Note (September 25th, 2012) – please be aware that the Hotmail Development team are NOT monitoring this page anymore and will NOT answer any more questions. If you have a technical problem, your best bet is to ask it over at MakeUseOf Answers **

Over the past year or so, MakeUseOf has published quite a few articles on Hotmail, the email service that everyone loves to bash. However, James has told you why we should let it back into our hearts Is It Time To Let Hotmail Back Into Our Hearts? [Opinion] Is It Time To Let Hotmail Back Into Our Hearts? [Opinion] Hotmail has had some seriously bad rap over the years, and is now almost universally shunned by tech professionals and bloggers. The main complaint has always been that the service is spam riddled, but is... Read More as well as profiling a new feature that Hotmail has introduced to combat grey mail Grey Mail: The New Email Nuisance To Hit Your Inbox Grey Mail: The New Email Nuisance To Hit Your Inbox Spam has been the bane of email for a long time, but I'd be lying if I said my inbox was full of spam nowadays - it isn't. Filters and worldwide anti-spam networks cut it... Read More .

After a bit of a reputation in the past as a spam collector, it seems that Hotmail is now making a promising looking comeback (despite The Oatmeal saying that having a Hotmail address marks you down as someone who “still has issues with spyware and thinks MySpace is hip“).

It seems that our coverage of Hotmail has not gone unnoticed by the folks over at Redmond, as the Hotmail Development Team have offered to do a Q&A session with the readers of MakeUseOf.  That’s right. This is your unique opportunity to ask the guys behind Hotmail ANYTHING and they will answer it – well, anything Hotmail-related that is.

Do you have a burning question about Hotmail?  Are there any features you would like to see them implement?  Any features you want to see them scrap?  Do you have a huge complaint about Hotmail that you want to make straight to the horse’s mouth? Maybe you want to ask them if they are actually closet Gmail users?!


Whatever you want to ask, if you have a question or a comment you want to put to the Hotmail Development Team, just put it in the comments section below and wait for their reply.

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