AShot – A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

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2011 08 14 145022   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]I finally got my first Android handset, a good old HTC EVO 4G, with Android 2.3.3 pre-installed and it’s been great. Two things that are slightly annoying though are first, the battery life and second, the fact that taking a screenshot takes a bit of setup.

I’ve been able to remedy the first problem with JuiceDefender, an app I found in our Top 100 Android Apps page, but the second one -I thought the process would take too long  – so I didn’t bother to learn the process. That was until I found out the article that Ryan authored at the end of 2009, detailing how to capture screenshots on an Android device with the Android SDK Manager and the built-in screenshot tool, Dalvik Debug Monitor. It turns out, it’s really not that hard after the initial setup.

The Dalvik Debug Monitor from the SDK manager is a good way to get screenshots of your Android handset, but I’ve found another tool that makes things a lot easier if you find yourself needing Android screenshots quite a bit.

AShot, is an open-source screenshot and screencasting tool. You can easily view what’s on your Android handset on your computer screen and more. Read on to find out more about what makes this a good alternative to the built-in Dalvik Debug Monitor.

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Setting Up

For the purposes of this article, you’ll need the Android SDK Manager, an USB sync cable, AShot, and your phone, of course. For more details on what to do after installing the Android SDK Manager, you can consult Ryan’s article. To summarize it, here are a few tips:

    • You don’t actually have to download the executable file.

2011 08 14 120414   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

  • The zip file of the SDK Manager will do just fine. Just extract the contents, make a note of the location where you extracted the android-sdk-windows.
  • Right-click on the SDK Manager and select Run as Administrator.

2011 08 14 124646   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

  • Install and update the first entry, Android SDK Platform-tools. For the other entries, simply choose Reject, which will ensure a speedier download for the actual components that you need.

2011 08 14 124827   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

  • Also, select the Google USB driver from Third-party Add-ons in the Available Packages tab.
    2011 08 14 130209   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]
  • Connect your phone to your computer via the USB sync cable. If it’s your first time plugging in your phone to your computer, you might be prompted to install the necessary drivers, which you should. Once that’s done, on your phone, go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development and check the box for USB debugging.
    2011 08 14 131208   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]
  • Now run the ddms.bat file in the tools folder.

    2011 08 14 130517   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

  • Make sure this windows pops up, with your Android phone listed on the left panel. This will ensure AShot runs properly.
    2011 08 14 130634   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]
  • Now, download and install AShot. When you first launch it (it will show up in the Start menu as Android Screen Capture), it will ask you to choose the location of your android-sdk-windows, which you made a note of in the first bullet point. Once you browse to that location and click on OK, you’ll be able to see what’s on your Android phone on your computer screen.

last   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

What You Can Do With AShot

SAM 0343   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

How is AShot different from using the Dalvik Debug Monitor, you ask? With AShot, screen capturing requires minimal effort. There’s no need to click on the refresh button every time your Android handset’s screen changes. AShot displays what’s on your device on your computer screen in real-time, with just a little lag. There are also keyboard shortcuts for things like going fullscreen, rotating clock- and counterclockwise, etc.

2011 08 14 132224   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

You can also set a capture folder and click on the Start Capture button to automatically log all of your handset activity in screenshots.

2011 08 14 135939   AShot   A Handy Screenshot Tool For Android [Windows]

To record a screencast, I’d suggest using Camstudio for Windows or the web-based Screenr, both of which support screencasting in HD resolution.

If you get stuck in any step, simply go to the AShot developer’s instruction page or ask in the comment section below.

Image Credit: Mike Saechang

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Drew Perreault

you could just get that screenshot app that allows you to take a a screenie just by shaking your phone, or yelling at it lol sounds funny but it does work decently.

Mark O’Neill

Again, you need a rooted phone to do that, which is out of bounds to many people.


Agree, features like taking screenshot should be there by default. p.s. many people think that rooting or jailbreaking phone is something for geeks. It’s just sounds too technical but actually very easy to do.



I use screenshot it. well I hardly use it but still I’ve kept it with me.. :)



Add the following to your article.  This is needed for AShot to work.
Copy adb.exe from platform-tools to tools folder.Also copy AdbWinApi.dll and AdbWinUsbApi.dll from platform-tools to toolsfolder.


Mark O’Neill

Not everyone has the technical knowledge to root their phone, and many people don’t want to root it.  

It’s ridiculous that you have to root the phone in order to take a simple screenshot.  It should be as simple as clicking a button and saving the screenshot onto your computer.



AndroSS is free, doesn’t need the phone to be jailbroken, and works great on my Droid X2.

Jessica Cam W.

“Will not work without root unless you have an Atrix or a Droix X2″ – from the AndroSS Market page.

Thanks for the suggestion though. It’ll be helpful for Atrix or Droid X2 owners.



I just found out that it will only work without being jailbroken for Atrix and Droid X2.


David Prosser

Hold power button then hit the menu button, screengrabs on gingerbread, no rooting neccessary

Jessica Cam W.

That sounds amazing but I think that only works for certain brands of phones with Gingerbread since that method doesn’t work on my HTC EVO. What phone do you have?

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