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asda-iconThe Omnibus world in Asda Story, is a fantasy world, based upon people’s dreams. It was created when people first learned to express their imagination in words.

A wonderful world, but man grew skeptical and started denying the reality behind dreams. As a result, the world stopped expanding.

Man grew worried and felt a deep sorrow for the loss of dreams. Evil forces split up the peaceful world into fractions and a cancer spread throughout reality. The world began to transform for the worst, with dangerous realms and horrible monsters emerging. Gods fought and armies broke. It was a time of great unease, a time when chaos ruled.

The current day is filled with an uneasy peace, awaiting the clash of Omnidecron’s evil power and the combined force of the Road of Mind and Lumper’s power. Warriors train, and ready themselves for a war to come. This is Asda Story.

Asda Story

This game is a brand new MMORPG adventure from GameCampus. Play it online (not in-browser, mind) with friends, and explore this enormous world with its endless possibilities.



Play it over the web with friends, and explore this enormous world with its endless possibilities. The game includes basic RPG classes, like warriors, archers and mages, but it also introduces several revolutionizing gameplay mechanisms, like the Soul Mate, Sowel and several quest systems. We’ll explain those below.

Soul Mate

The Soul Mate is Asda Story’s signature feature. It allows you to join up with a close buddy, and work your way through the game together. A Soul Mate is not only an interesting companion, but it also gives you certain benefits over playing solo.

Soul Mates share in experience. They receive a share of the points when their companion trains or joins a party. Ultimately, an offline player can also lend the soul of his character to aid his companion, or share the whole character. When a character is shared, both players can play with it and train it, although only the owner can spend money, sell and delete items.


However, soul mates also share another advantage. Certain ingame skills, like summon and ressurection, can only be earned and deployed when the player has a soul mate. Upon rejecting their soul mates, skills temporarily become unavailable until another sould mate is found.


Another interesting concept is the sowel, a contraction of soul and jewel. These make the very base of Asda Story’s weapons and appearance system.


Where in most games an item’s look is connected to certain specifics, items in Asda Story are merely empty shells. The real power comes from the sowels, magical crystals that can be found and earned throughout the game.


There’s a wide variety of sowels, and maximum four of them can be combined to enforce a single item. This makes for thousands of possibilities and ensures that nearly any weapons are truly alike.

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