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Trying to organize a large of team of people and keeping them on task can take as much as time as the task itself. The folks at Asana are hoping their team based task manager will solve those problems. Their task management program works on all kinds of platforms. You can use it on mobile platforms as well as right in your web browser on your computer. It makes keeping everyone on task easier.

time management for teams

Asana syncs with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal, so your team can get the information no matter where they are. You can even have multiple teams stored, so you can keep your work tasks separated from your clubs and team tasks.

There are lots of keyboard shortcuts in the app, making it quick and easy to change things. Speaking of speed, everything is in real-time, so everyone will see the changes as they happen. You can also be notified when a change occurs to a project.



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