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How many of you remember (and miss) the good ‘ol days of 16 bit console games when Contra and Mario Brothers ruled supreme?  Games that could be played and enjoyed without spending hundreds of dollars on LCD TVs and 5.1 sound systems.

Those were the days when all that was needed to make a super game was a simple but engaging story-line, super cool characters (Remember Metal Gear? Anyone?) and a mono audio score.

Well, console games still have good story-lines and cool characters, but what is missing in the modern games are nice and simple game sound effects that don’t require a 5.1 setup to enjoy.

If you, like me, miss some of those (iconic) sound effects, as3sfxr is a nifty tool to relive those days of 16 bit mono sound effects and also save them on to your computer

game sound effects


  • Absolutely free tool and requires no signup.
  • Large collection of effects built-in.
  • Simple slider controls to modify sounds.
  • Ability to save sound files as .sfx or export in the .wav format.
  • Download sounds you like.

Check out as3sfxr @

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