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00 Artwork Gofer Logo.jpgSometimes I miss the good old days when I spent my spare time in the traditional music store, browsing through piles of CD cases adorned with beautiful images on their covers. Not many people do that anymore though, because the music industry has gradually shifted from the physical to the digital form.

Even though browsing through the cover art in digital format is not as fun as touching the real thing, I think most people can cope with that. The one thing that annoys most people is the absence of cover art here and there within the collection. Among thousands of songs in your library, I’m pretty sure that some of them have the blank look in the cover flow mode.

You can manually search for free album cover art on the net and add them one by one to the songs. But why bother? We have Artwork Gofer.

Start Hunting!

Artwork Gofer is a free application which will help you search and add missing cover art in your music collection. It uses one of the biggest storage of free album cover art as its resources: Amazon Stores.

The first time you open Artwork Gofer, you will find the Preferences window. You may adjust some of the settings here to fit your needs. For example: change the store location from US to Japan if you are looking for cover art for J-Dorama songs.


free album cover art for itunes

You can also choose to allow a single track to have multiple artworks and replace low-resolution existing artwork with better ones.

Done with the preferences, you can then start hunting by clicking the File menu. There are several options that you can choose: “Get Artwork for Selection (Command + O)“, “Search Album (Command + Option + O)” and “Get All Missing Artwork (Command + Shift + O)“.

free album cover art for itunes

If you choose one of the options while not having iTunes opened, you will get this warning window popping up.

free album cover art

To search cover art for individual songs, select the song in iTunes, switch to Artwork Gofer (you can use Alt + Tab for faster switching) and hit Command + O.

free dvd cover art

Artwork Gofer will do its magic and show you the search results. Pick the best one from the results (if there are many) and click the “Add Artwork” button. That cover art will then be added to the previously selected song on iTunes.

free dvd cover art

Please note that it’s also possible to have zero results for your searches.

You can take another route of this cover art hunting by directly searching for an album. Just hit the “Command + Option + O” and write the title of the album and the artist’s name and hit the “Search” button.

free dvd cover art

The ultimate method is the “Search all missing artwork” (Command + Shift + O)”. The option window will open with several items that you can adjust. Hit the “search” button when you are done adjusting.

07 Artwork Gofer - Search for all missing artwork.jpg

Artwork Gofer will read your Music Library for songs with missing cover art.

07b Artwork Gofer - Reading Library.jpg

Then the search result window will open. All of your songs with no cover art will be listed on the left pane along with the number of possible free album cover art found. Click the results one by one and select the best cover art for your songs.

07c Artwork Gofer - All Album Search.jpg

From my experiment, I found that even though this tiny app is not perfect, it did its job very well.

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And as always, if you know other free methods to quickly find and download cover art, please share using the comments below.

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  1. Andy G
    March 4, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    I think i've recommended this earlier as well.

    The best album cover finder ever :)

  2. Andy G
    March 5, 2010 at 7:17 am

    I think i've recommended this earlier as well.

    The best album cover finder ever :)