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Have you ever wanted the opportunity to visit art galleries and museums and have the option to know when there will be an exhibition? Well, ArtSpotter makes that wish come true.

local museum art

ArtSpotter is an online website that allows people to interact with galleries, museums and street art right from the website. Just click on the “Discover” button, and you will see a map open up down below with markers placed on it pointing out all the art activities, events and happenings around the world. If you happen to find one you like, just click on it to know where the event is happening and even find discount tickets.

You can even follow events to know when they start, end, and even get discount tickets with ArtSpotter. If you are the ‘travelling’ type of a person, you can contribute to ArtSpotter and add locations to the map where there are museums, art galleries, street art, graffiti, etc.

The Artspotter app is available on the iPhone as well which helps you find exhibitions on the go.


  • Never miss local/international exhibitions and art shows.
  • Follow event to get discount tickets, and much more.
  • iPhone app available – makes it possible to keep in touch everywhere.

Check out ArtSpotter @

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  1. Raphaelle Heaf
    December 16, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Thanks for your article re ArtSpotter, we're also very excited to say that we'll be on Android very soon too and have some great features coming out next year which will make it even easier for users to engage with the content and interact with the galleries they are visiting.
    If you have any feedback, thought, wishes, we'd also love to hear from you. :)