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Online collaboration has taken a different plane in the last of couple of years. Before, having an online to-do list and some form of task assignments is enough. But online project management tools has gone with the tides and introduced more social elements. One such app is Artia, a project management tool for socially connected teams.

social project management tools

On the outset, Artia is just like any other project management tool. Its evergreen features include a tasklist, task log timer, reminders, and the ability to take on multiple projects.

Artia extends the experience with organizations and communities. You can add new participants and projects within communities, then add communities to an organization. This setup is ideal for companies, small and large. Teams or departments can be one community, and each member has their own rich profile so that everyone knows which community they belong in and what they are working on. Members can also check their timeline to check updates from others.

Unlike Asana or Basecamp, Artia is not a tool for the minimalist. It packs features like Gantt charts, calculation of activities, team allocation, project risks, milestones, and templates. Despite having a full pack of features, everything is easy to find and quick to load. The clean interface also helps to keep on top of tasks and projects.

Artia is a robust app that focuses on its own social network. This tool is great for project managers and companies who need to keep projects and tasks in check while encouraging connections among people.



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