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ArrivedOK is a mobile tool for air travelers that instantly send arrival notifications to friends and family when they arrive to the destination. It’s a useful tool for those who forget or don’t have time to do it manually when they land.

Just sign up, create a list of people to notify and how to notify them (SMS, email, Twitter). When you land at the airport, you just turn on your phone and the people in your list are automatically notified.

arrival notification

Service works in all countries with cellphones that support GSM standard. (Note: Currently notifications by SMS are not available for US And Chinese mobile users. For the time being, only email notifications.)

The application is free while in beta. I also got an email from founder stating that after a full launch there will be ad supported free account option as well.


  • Sends flight arrival notifications.
  • SMS, email or Twitter notifications can be send.
  • Create a list of people to notify, when you arrive just turn on your phone and the recipients are instantly notified.
  • Available for users in all countries. GSM networks only.
  • Free and easy to use.

Check out ArrivedOk @

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