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Mac computers already have a great system for window management, and MacBook Which Is Best, A MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro? Both Models Compared Side-By-Side Which Is Best, A MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro? Both Models Compared Side-By-Side You might think Apple’s relatively small laptop selection would make choosing a model easy. For some people, that’s true, but for others the tight range of options and prices makes for a difficult choice. A... Read More trackpads offer some pretty cool ways of clearing your workspace using finger gestures, too. However, these features are only good if you’re trying to get stuff out of the way. What’s lacking is an easy-to-use system of rearranging windows in a way that let you use your currently open applications without the clutter.

Arranger is an app that rearranges your apps and windows to do just this. Using a set of pre-selected patterns and designs, the app will rearrange items according to your own selection. Whether it be a split-screen or a quad, the app will make sure you see everything that you want to see.

The app also rearranges your Finder windows, but it will allow you to use one or two. That’s not much of an issue, though. After all, you’ll likely be using more applications than you would finder windows, right? Furthermore, you can set up hotkeys to quickly move to predetermined arrangements, or you can select an arrangement from the app’s menubar drop-down interface.

automatically resize windows mac

Overall, Arranger is a quick tool to clear your workspace for a much more fluid working environment. Will you use it often? Probably. This is an app that is designed to be integrated into your workflow. It’s easy-to-use and doesn’t get in your way, so it’s worth a shot.



  • Quickly rearranges your application and Finder windows.
  • Can make use of hotkeys for a more fluid workflow.
  • Resizes and rearranges windows for the best fit on your screen.

Install the Arranger by visiting its website.

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