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A large part of the “Web 2.0” image is social networking. With that is the hopeful ability to make everything accessible in one place. It is somewhat of a “let’s just make it easier for everyone scenario,” but that is what the majority of it is anyway right? Anyway, I have just found a website called Arkiva devoted to exactly what it’s motto says: “All your Digital Files. One Place.”

Arkiva is a mix of social networking and storage to make your life that much easier. The focus of the site is most certainly achieved by the incredible array of options and successful accomplishments that are achieved by simply using the site.

Signing up is easy, all you need to do is enter the required information and you are in. Once you are in, the options become incredibly large. You can either begin uploading files, use your personal email address (e.g., search for things to add to your “Arkiva Library,” update your health record, or check out your home page. To upload a file all you need to do is click “upload files” on the left side of your screen (you will need to have Java installed on your computer), select the type of media you would like to upload, select the folder you would like to put your file(s) in, select the file(s), and click “upload files.” Your files should be available in the corresponding section, e.g. “My Photos,” “My Videos,” “My Music,” “My Documents,” “Home Directory,” “My Favs,” “Medical History,” or on your home page.


Once you have uploaded all of your favorite files, customization becomes readily available. For one single text document, you may download it, share by email, move the document, delete it, view the document and edit it, or index the document and add tags. The option to edit the document really goes further then necessary. Many times, even purely online storage backup utilities do not allow users to edit files that are uploaded. This is simply an awesome extra.

Unfortunately though, the search feature is not that great. You seem to be required to enter the exact name of the file. (i.e). the name of my file was “uploadeddocument1.txt” and when I entered “doc” or “1” the result was nothing. Otherwise such features worked correctly.


One extremely neat feature, that can be widely used by all of you with those old records, tapes, VHS tapes, picture slides, etc. is the option to send Arkiva your old or external media and have them convert it to DVD and archive to share it on Arkiva. You can even have them put all of your media on a 250 GB external hard drive for $149.95. It is just another sweet option given to you by the folks at Arkiva.

Part of the social networking image is an obvious encouragement to invite your friends to Arkiva. You are encouraged to do so and receive $.10 for each person you invite that joins.

When you first start out, pictures, videos, audio and other media are automatically placed on your home page for convenience. You are also given 1GB to start off for free. If you would like to increase your storage space, 6GB=$49.95 a year, 11GB=$89.95 a year, 22GB=$169.95 a year, and 50GB=$369.95 a year.

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