AreMySitesUp: Website Uptime Tracker with SMS Alerts

Here is another website uptime tracking tool that keeps an eye on your sites and notifies you via email or SMS when any one of them goes down. You can monitor as many site as you like and the process of adding sites is really easy. 

After quick registration click on the “Add Site” button and start adding your sites one by one. If you want to get SMS notifications then go to “Settings” tab and add your mobile phone number.

aremysitesup1   AreMySitesUp: Website Uptime Tracker with SMS Alerts


  • Website uptime tracking app.
  • Keep an eye on as many sites as you like.
  • Get email and SMS alerts when the site goes down.
  • SMS alerts available for almost  all major networks worldwide.
  • Similar sites:  BasicState, Montastic, MrUptime and Pingability

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