Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

iPhone logo   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The SolutionI love my iPhone but there are a couple of pet peeves that I have had with it from day one.  One of them was something which I managed to miraculously solve this morning, which was the strange enigma of iPhone photos refusing to turn around the right way, when transferred to the PC and viewed with the default Photo Viewer in Windows Explorer.

If you have an iPhone and a Windows PC, I’m sure you’ve encountered the same problem. ¬†You’ve connected your iPhone to the computer, transferred your photos over to a folder on the PC, and then you’ve started to rotate the ones which are the wrong way around like so :

photos left   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

But when you try to rotate them round the right way and save them, you receive an error message like this :

iosrotationerror   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

This pissed me off for a long time, and as I started to use my iPhone camera more and more, this problem became even more of an irritant. ¬†I didn’t want to crane my neck or stand on my head to view my photos. So I decided to see if there was a solution to the problem. ¬†After scouring webpages and forums on the issue, I came across a very simple and straightforward program called¬†JPEG Lossless Rotator, which works instantly and perfectly to turn those photos around any way you want them. It integrates into your Windows Explorer right-click menu to make things as easy and fast as possible.

You will find the program just under the green download button.  It is NOT the green download button, but the links below that.  There is even a portable version of the software for all you USB stick fans out there.

jpeglossless1   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

After downloading it, make you sure you tick the “Integrate JPEG Lossless Rotator With Shell” option, otherwise it won’t appear in your Explorer right click menu.

jpeglossless2   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

Then as soon as you have finished installing it, the app is ready to be used, immediately. ¬†There’s no need for system reboots or any of that nonsense.

Just go to the photo (or photos) that you want to rotate, highlight them with your mouse, right-click, and you will now see two new options in your right-click menu :

jpeglossless3   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

Simply choose the direction in which you want your photos to be turned and automagically, they will be turned!  Hallelujah!

jpeglossless4   Are Your iPhone Photos Refusing To Rotate In Windows Explorer? Here Is The Solution

And that is basically that.  JPEG Lossless Rotator is one of those life-saving programs that you can just install in less than a minute, it starts working right away, and it does exactly what it says it will do. No bugs, no error messages, no steep learning curve.  In other words, my kind of perfect program!

Do let us know in the comments if you have been having the same kind of troubles with your iPhone images. ¬†If you are, and you own a Windows PC, I strongly recommend JPEG Lossless Rotator as the solution to the problem. ¬†Or maybe you prefer another solution? ¬†Please do tell me about it as I like to consider all possibilities. Mac owners, I don’t know if you even have this issue when you transfer your photos to your computer. ¬†Do you? ¬†If so, what is the Mac solution?

And now, I think I may have found the solution to my other pet peeve.  But I will keep that for another article!

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What about rotating iphone videos? Is there a similar tool to rotate these videos to the right?

Mark O’Neill

From what I can find out John, the only way to rotate Quicktime movies is to buy Quicktime Pro. That unlocks a feature which allows you to rotate the iPhone video in iTunes. I have been unable (so far) to find any free solutions to this problem.

Mark O’Neill

It absolutely does!! Well done!

Although I am not impressed by its attempts to install toolbars and other crap on my computer. But if you’re alert during the installation process, you can switch all that stuff off.

Mark O’Neill

the only downside is that you can only export to MP4, not Quicktime MOV. But some people may not view that as a downside, since MP4 is a much smaller filesize than MOV.

Paul Werner

Yep, I don’t mind the smaller size files & I love using Freemake as long as I don’t speed through an installation & get crap I do not want on my PC.

I usually don’t comment on iPhone related articles but I just happened to check out the comments & saw how you wanted a free program to edit a file in some fashion & I’m all about free useful software

Steel Magnolia

Thanks! This resolved my problem perfectly!!! Much appreciated!


PURE GENIUS!!!! Thanks buddy! it worked like a charm.


Thank you for this! Such a big help! :) Awesome program! :)


Works for me!! Thank you very much! simple and does the trick!


I have the same problem and it drives me crazy!! I downloaded the rotator but I am not very good with computers so you lost me a tick it! Every time I click on it, it takes me to the agreement page. I have been looking all over how to set it up. When you get time can you help me.

Thank you for your time,
(Not so good with computers)

Mark O’Neill

Amber – have you installed the program fully? Assuming you have, then go to Windows Explorer, where your photos are. Right-click on the photo, and you will see an option there called “Lossless Rotate Left” and “Lossless Rotate Right” (depending obviously on what direction you want to turn the photo). Select which one you want and the photo will turn around.

Other than that, I’m not sure how I can help you, since I can’t see your computer!


Thanks you so much, it is useful !


Anyone know how to solve the similar problem of iPhone photos and videos emailed or texted to an Android phone being upside down?

Mark O’Neill

Well you could show the iPhone owner JPEG Lossless Rotator for a start! Then they wouldn’t send them to you upside down. Assuming you are the Android owner, I don’t know of any Android equivalents unfortunately.

Your best bet is to Google for a desktop equivalent and download the videos / photos from your phone to your desktop. Try asking in MakeUseOf Answers and see if anyone knows of anything. You never know. You might get lucky.


This works great for pictures taken by the iPad 3 as well!


Hi, I’ve downloaded this program and so far it allows me to rotate the photos so that I can see them, but it still wont allow me to save them in the right position. Is that normal? This particularly irritating problem is driving me nuts and is making me hate my new iPhone!

Mark O’Neill

Once they are reverted, come out of the folder then go back in again. All of the photos should be in their correct position and they should be saved.


Simply right-click the image, go to Properties, and make sure that “Read Only” is unchecked. Voil√† :)


i.e. no need for a program :)

Mark O’Neill

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work.


When I have right clicked and had the images rotated- it does so….but the thumbnail is still rotated wrong. When I click on the image to see it, it is correct. Why doesn’t the thumbnail update? I did the refresh trick and it didn’t work, any thoughts?

Mark O’Neill

I’ve noticed this too. I’ve found that simply clicking on another folder and then going back into the photos folder is enough for the thumbnails to update.

Slightly inconvenient but there you go….


Works an absolute charm. Thank you so much have been looking for a solution for ages!

Chris Davis

It would be nice if Apple would release an update that would fix this! After about a year with the 4S and a couple updates — running 6.0.1 910A523) and it still suffers this problem.
The workaround works, but I expect more from Apple!