Are You Using Gmail’s New Compose Experience? [MakeUseOf Poll]

polls   Are You Using Gmails New Compose Experience? [MakeUseOf Poll]Following Thanksgiving weekend, we asked you last week if you actually shop on Black Friday. While traditionally a US custom, Black Friday’s shopping deals have spread around the world, and over 300 readers from different parts of the world participated. The interesting results are below.

Out of 302 votes in total, 3% said they shop on Black Friday, only only in regular stores, 8% only shop if they find a really good deal, 9% shop regularly both online and in brick and mortar stores, 16% rarely shop, unless really tempted, 17% only shop online, and 32% said they never shop on Black Friday. An additional 15% voted for the “no Black Friday in my country” option.

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So a third of the readers who voted don’t shop on Black Friday at all. Do you believe it?

poll results dec 1   Are You Using Gmails New Compose Experience? [MakeUseOf Poll]

This week’s poll question is: Are You Using Gmail’s New Compose “Experience”?

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About a month ago, Google first introduced its new Gmail compose “experience”. If you’re using Google Apps, you might have only gotten to try it this passed week, but chances are that if you’re using Gmail, you know what the new compose is all about. I’ve heard many mixed thoughts about Gmail’s new compose. Some have adopted it enthusiastically for its clutter-free interface and multi-tasking abilities, and others feel it adds too much clicking to the workflow and that many important features are now hidden. Where do you stand? Are you using the new compose feature, or will you wait until the bitter end, when Google forces it on everyone?

What makes the new compose better? What makes it worse? What are your reasons for choosing to use it? Or not use it? Tell us all in the comments.

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No, because you can’t choose a different email adress when you configured multiple accounts


Sue you can. The from: is a drop down and you can choose which one e-mail you send as.


Yes, Initially I also thought I cant but later found out so all good now. For me its like if I can have Big why so small window? just press shift compose for new window, I am used to that since years

Yaara Lancet

Like the commenters below said, you actually can. I use it all the time. At first it required an extra click to make the dropdown menu appear, but now it’s always there without the extra click.

Bumferry Hogart

I had no idea this existed (I don’t send emails all that often) but having read this I thought I’d Give it go.

It seems nice and easy to use, with lots of options such as text colour/background colour, font, size and all the usual stuff including adding links, pictures etc all in a nice handy line at the bottom.

New messages can be minimised to (I found by accident) although the mini screen can not be moved to another location which is probably the only draw back I can think of…

I can’t understand why anyone would think this isn’t a good idea or at least a more efficient way of composing an email unless they are the sort of person who simply hates change of any kind, which, in this day and age and constant upgrades, alterations and changes to make the products we use better and easier to use – seems really daft.

Overall – I like it. I would like the ability to move the box/window to a different location, but that may come in time.

well done Google.

John Lamerand

you can move the window. try the little arrow in the top right (“pop out”).

Yaara Lancet

Pop out opens it in a new window, which is not exactly the same as moving it around, but it’s really the only way to do it right now.


The one issue is that you can’t send your task list(e-mail task list from the google tasks). I googled it, and this is a known issue and supposedly being worked on.


new microsoft’s outlook is the best. and i mostly use outlook instead of gmail

Achraf Almouloudi

Big friend.


I’m pretty sure the so called “new compose” and even more features that are lined up in gmail’s queue are result of Sparrow Team.


It’s an improvement but needs a bit of work. Don’t care for the small locked down compose window so I always click the arrow to get the larger expandable one – I would prefer the option to set a default on which compose window to open for a new email. Would also like to see the same type window open for replies. Right now I find the small area for replies to be too limiting especially where there are long conversations – not very easy to delete the unwanted portions in such a small window – requires too much back and forth scrolling to find the portions you need to keep and/or delete. Too much room for error there.

I do like the cleaner uncluttered look and once you know where the other options are located they are easier enough to get to.

Drew O’Kane

I would have to agree that if you have multiple email accounts, choosing an alternate is not exactly intuitive. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about having the inbox on the same screen as composing. Might be distracting.

Yaara Lancet

I thought it was annoying at first too (switching the from email), but after using it for two days I got used to it, so there’s nothing to it.

As for composing with the inbox in the background, it can be distracting, but it’s also really convenient if you need to look up something while writing.

Alex Perkins

I love the new compose experience, lets me look at one email and reply to another without having to switch tabs all the time.

Nancy Messieh

I’m really not a fan of the new feature. I prefer a fullscreen when it comes to writing on my computer no matter what platform/email I’m using. (The fullscreen option on WordPress is awesome!) I’d never willingly resort to a smaller screen when I’m writing.

Douglas Mutay

Hey Nancy! You still can use the full screen with this new great idea from google. Just click on the up arrow at the left corner and it will pop up your email in a new window. You can press F11 for an awesome fullscreen and type your long email. give it a try! ;-)

Yaara Lancet

That’s an interesting way to look at it. I agree that the new compose windows is a bit on the small side, but it doesn’t bother me that much, actually. I guess you can pop it out and expand it, like Douglas suggests below, but to me that seems besides the point. Might as well stick to the old compose…

Rajaa Chowdhury

Yes, I like it. It is a separate window and doesn’t take up the whole screen. Also like the GDrive integration in it.

Timothy Liem

well.. it’s faster than the traditional compose page, compatible with GDrive so allow you to attach up to 10GB file. but it somehow is uncomfortable to use. I think I have to get used to this bcoz it indeed is decreasing the amount of time I take for composing an email.

Ashwin Ramesh

I am not using it as of now. The extensions such as Bananatag (which I use often) doesn’t support the new Compose experience ;)

However, it really is a considerable improvement when compared to the old one. You get to minimize the message. The look is good, simple to use, and a number of other options such as font, color, etc. A movable box, however, is missing.


It is pretty neat, but needs some improvement.

For example, when you “forward” an email, you don’t see the subject line, like it used to appear before. So, even if you use a similar body and edit the email, you *could* forget to change the subject line, mainly because you don’t see it. This could really be embarrasing !

This is a case where bad design helps propogate error and the user is not really responsible (unlike the general case with poorly worded / wrong subject emails )

Yaara Lancet

I agree. This is one feature that’s really annoying to me. Also, if you actually remember to change the subject, you need to click too many times in order to do it, and it then pops it out as a “new conversation”. It’s all just a bit cumbersome, I just want to change the subject!

Anabel f.m.

I tried it, but did not feel comfortable. I don’t like the compose window, and the area for reply seems smaller than my needs.

Alan Wade

I too had no idea it exsisted and have no idea what it is. All my email comes to my email client (Postbox) so would love to know exactly what it is.

Yaara Lancet

Open the Gmail Web client and check it out!

thu ya

Yes. I like because old features + google drive integration.


My biggest issue is not being able to move the window around.

Douglas Mutay

Just click on the up arrow at the left corner and it will pop up your email in a new window. You can move around your window or press F11 for a fullscreen view and type a long email.


That works like a charm!!! Guess I would have to say that Yes, I like the new format.

Douglas Mutay

it was a pleasure to help you enjoy the new format :-)

Adam Campbell

actually I didn’t even notice until I read this page, I use the mail app to handle my email, so I don’t spend much time fraternizing with google

Brad Sturrock

Being able to access other emails that may have info relevant to the email I am composing without having to save it as a draft while I go looking around is a solution to a problem I used to have. I love it. The pop up window is easily minimized to allow me to view my entire gmail UI which also makes my work easier. Well done Google.


It has a better option to send google drive contents as attachments that outlook lacks


I like the instantaneous appearance of the message form as well as the ability to see the mail under reference right behing it. though missing the smileys …


It’s gonna scare everyone at first because it looks different, and is in a different spot. As someone who prefers email as communication, I feel like I can be slightly more productive now. No waiting to go to a new Page if my Internet wants to be slow. It’s not a huge overhaul so hopefully people don’t hate on it too much, I enjoy it.


I hate it. I want the standard rich-text composition toolbar right in front of me, without having to claw for it. To me, it looks as if Google is too influenced by the notion that users (especially younger users) prefer Facebook or Twitter-style ultra simple text messaging – a trend I see in other emerging messaging systems, such as Salesforce Chatter.

Previously, Google totally destroyed a) Gmail search and b) the left Folder bar. If I wasn’t so locked in, I’d bolt.

Yaara Lancet

Yes, it’s a bit too hard to reach the formatting, I have to agree there. Why do you feel they’ve destroyed Gmail search and the folder bar, though?

Lynne McCurdy

I like what I’ve used. Haven’t taken the time to ‘play’ with it…


I use it . . .. that way I don’t “lose” my page that I am on . . . .

Achraf Almouloudi

I mainly don’t use Gmail but as an Android user I own an inbox there, so I have tried it but think it’ll not drive Gmail to be more successful, it is already very slow compared to Outlook so Google should stop making more Javascript intensive effects and focus on actually redesigning the interface to become very fast.

jazi g

Horrible, I hate it. You can’t move the window.


I totally hate it. Why did they have to change something that works?

John Lamerand

Compose works and it works well. If you use the “pop out” arrow you can move the mail box around, and that might sound trivial but there are times when it is very useful. You might not have the entire text of an email composed in your head before you start typing – and by popping the box out you can float it above the content that you wanted to refer to, without having to “alt-tab”.

Brian Smith

Not my favourite ‘improvement’? It appears to slow down the computer and does not look favourably on multiple email accounts.


Yes . I like the new IM feel of it and it makes the loading time faster. Instead of booting up a whole new page it only boots up a small script. I think google is going in the right direction with this. As people want to do things faster and faster email will need to be updated as well. And with this update people can get an email out quicker than they could before.

Jagbir Sembhi

like it

Roehl Curioso

I like using it… not bad!

Ron Lister

I don’t mind it. I’m not in love with it, but I dont hate it either. seems a little stark.It’s easy enough to use and I can pop out with the arrow and move it to where I want on my screen.

Jesse Manalansan

I just saw it now, after reading this post. lol hehehe

Julie Smith

Where is the “I tried it and I hated it” option?

I often use the formatting features, which are right there all the time in the classic view. In the new “improved” compose, I have to click the [Formatting Options] button every time. Many of the features that I regularly use is at least one extra click away. For example, I often use quote or indenting, which now takes up to 3 clicks rather than one.

I also fine the slide-out options distracting, where I have to hover my mouse over the + to see the other options such as insert link. This seems totally unnecessary to me, as the expanded options merely fill the available white space which was already there!

If I want to pop-out the reply window, it takes three very unintuitive clicks; Type of response, start separate conversation and then click on the pop-out button.

It does have one nice feature; the automatically resizing reply window.

I’ve been a long time user of Gmail (since back when it was invite-only), and in general I’ve been very happy with their continual improvements and especially their power features. It seems to me that the new interface is actually dumbing down, which saddens me.

Yaara Lancet

I also find that some features require too many clicks, especially formatting options. If they fix that, I’ll be very happy. The idea is good, but it seems like they thought most people don’t use these features regularly, which is not true at all.

Yaara Lancet

Oh, and regarding the “tried it and hate it option”, the poll was about whether you’re using it right NOW, so tried and and hate it is not a relevant answer. :)


I dont like it

Daniel Huss

I’m probably between “Love it” and “Not Sure”…


I’ve already activated this feature in some of my account but I rarely access my email account via PC. I usually my email using my BlackBerry and access my email via website if I only need to find some old emails.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

How to enable the new look if you’re using regular Gmail account and not in America or Europe?

Vishal Srivastava

I like the GMail’s new compose because it allows me to multitask. While I’m writing my mail, I can still view the inbox and stay updated if i get new mails. I can read new mails while composing and copy text from previous mails. It is very simple and intuitive to grasp. All in all, I think this new compose is an improvement and I like it very much…

Usman Mubashir

Gmail is far better than any other

Giggity Goebbels

Lol i really dun care as long as the email works i sill be fine


I think the new Gmail compose sucks!! I do not like it at all!!!