Are You The Ultimate Mobile Adventurer?

Do you know when to commit to a mobile carrier contract and when to buy outright? Do you know exactly how much data allowance you’ll need every month? Do you know what to do with your old phone once you get yourself a shiny new one? Find out if you’re savvy enough to scan the mobile landscapes and resist the seductive sales assistants in order to call yourself a Mobile Adventurer. And you know, not just a sidekick.


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Sebastian S

Can anybody recommend the best app to check data usage for iOS?
I have an iPhone 4 and use 3G connection.
I would like an app that tells me how much I used in the past month (first priority), perhaps also tell me how much I’m using currently.(not necessary but would be nice) and wouldn’t mind if it could tell me how much data each app is using.




Dataman will handle the first two points. iOS 7 will handle point 3

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