Are You a Reckless Web User? Secure Your Browser With AVG Linkscanner

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avg_head I am a reckless web surfer and I admit it. But seeming most of my browsing is done via a virtual machine or my mobile device I am protected. But what about the millions of other users that are using their Firefox to browse sites blindly. We use our favorite web browser to search for whatever we are looking for and then click the links to see what we find.

Now we don’t have to blindly click those links anymore. Using AVG’s Linkscanner browser plug-in. I installed it and tested it on Internet Explorer which worked flawlessly and on Firefox where it would not work with Google. Maybe it was something I did (or didn’t do) but I would love to hear about your experiences with it.

(Note: If you’re using AVG 2008 Antivirus software then you already have this installed, you just need to enabled it from AVG settings panel.)

I started by downloading the 14.4 mb installer from here


I ran through the normal setup steps. You know hitting next, next and then finish”¦

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I choose the standard installation.



And I allowed it to install the toolbar (which turns out to not be necessary to get this to work.)


After you install it the plug-in will be added to each of your browsers automatically.

I only tried IE 7 and Firefox 3. In Firefox I was able to get Yahoo to show me AVG’s ratings on websites. Below is a search for the term Warez. You can see the Red X next to potentially dangerous websites and websites that are proven clean have a green check mark next to them.


I fired up Google in Internet Explorer 7 and searched for HACKz and as you can see by the green check marks next to each of the search results”¦ They are clean! So you don’t have to be worried browsing on over to um research hackz and all :)


Some of the statistics provided by AVG’s website will blow your mind:

  • On any given day, some two million web pages are poisoned by hidden threats.
  • 60 percent of malicious web sites appear for less than one day.
  • Real-time scanning is critical as relying on a database of known URLs isn’t sufficient protection.
  • 95% of online threats are web-based and cannot be stopped with anti-virus software alone.
  • AVG sees 100,000-150,000 threats a day.
  • Online criminals set up their own websites or poison legitimate ones (even just single web pages).
  • 60% of all pages hosting web threats are poisoned for less than a day, making the threats difficult to catch unless they are viewed on the actual page in real-time. This makes AVG LinkScanner essential protection.
  • One in eight web users will unknowingly come across a poisoned page at least once a month.

So how are you protected from web threats? Share your experiences and favorite software in the comments!

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