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Smartphones are slowly but surely taking over the world, with more people getting their hands on these portable devices with multiple uses. As you’ve probably read in our smartphone review and buying guide, feature phones aren’t dead yet, and probably never will be. As long as there are smartphone haters such as Justin Why This Technology Blogger Does Not Own a Smartphone [Opinion] Why This Technology Blogger Does Not Own a Smartphone [Opinion] "Do you have a smartphone yet?" It's a question my friends ask often, and it's a reasonable one to ask. I make my entire living writing about technology, explaining how to use software and interviewing... Read More  around then there will always be a place for simple phoning and texting devices that eschew extraneous added features.

Whether you can call a decent camera extraneous or not is open to debate, but it’s certainly an extra feature inherent on smartphones that is disrupting the status quo. Owning a smartphone which boasts a decent camera means you really don’t need a dedicated point-and-shoot compact, and it also means you always have a camera to hand.

Smartphone photography forms the basis for this week’s We Ask You column, as we’re keen to hear your thoughts on how important it’s going to be in the years to come.

This Week’s Question…

We want to know, Are Smartphones The Future Of Photography? This question is posed in light of the decision by the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper to lay off all of its full-time photographers in favor of insisting its journalists know the basic skills needed to take photos with their smartphones.

This is a horrible decision that has made 28 people unemployed, but I suspect it makes sense from a purely business point of view. Newspapers are struggling to make money thanks to the Internet, and with citizen journalism 7 Citizen Journalism Websites For Crowdsourced News 7 Citizen Journalism Websites For Crowdsourced News Read More  – led by ordinary people pointing their smartphones at breaking news events – becoming the norm, it’s an inevitable change of direction.


We want to hear your views on smartphone photography Top Tips: How To Take Great Photos With Your Smartphone Top Tips: How To Take Great Photos With Your Smartphone Smartphone and mobile photography are becoming increasingly popular. And no wonder. Every year, mobile and smartphone cameras get better and better, until many people don’t feel the need to carry real cameras around anymore. While... Read More . Do you own a smartphone and use its camera on a regular basis? Has its presence led to you taking more photos than you previously did? Is a better camera an important feature when looking at your smartphone buying options?

Do you find yourself using your smartphone camera over a dedicated camera every time? Are smartphones a positive or negative for photography and photographers? Can you foresee a time when most photographs used in newspapers and on news websites are sourced from real people using their smartphones?

Let us know your thoughts on smartphone photography in the comments section below. As usual, please reply with more than just a Yes or a No… we need to hear the reasons you think the way you do.

Drawing Conclusions

All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week where we will detail what You Told Us.One reader will even win Comment Of The Weekwhich will be included in the follow-up post! What more motivation than that do you need to respond?

We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. The questions asked are usually open-ended and likely to necessitate a discussion. Some are opinion-based, while others see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps to fellow MakeUseOf Readers. This column is nothing without you, as MakeUseOf is nothing without you.

Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

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