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twitterbirdlogoWith my steadily increasing use of Twitter, I have recently been looking for an effective way to archive my tweets for posterity. Yesterday when I was researching my Evernote Android article Evernote - The Killer App For The Android Mobile Phone Evernote - The Killer App For The Android Mobile Phone Read More , I came across a method of archiving your tweets in your Evernote 6 Ways To Add Your Information To Evernote 6 Ways To Add Your Information To Evernote Read More account. It’s not an automatic thing – you have to manually add the name of an Evernote Twitter account to your tweets (which then cuts into your 140 character limit) – but it isn’t bad when you compare it to the archiving method that Charnita outlined How To Backup Your Twitter Archive How To Backup Your Twitter Archive Read More back in May.

Here’s the simple 5 step process to archive your tweets the Evernote way. It’s quick and easy – although adding that tag takes some time to get used to.

1. Follow The Special Evernote Twitter Account

archive your tweets

Sign into Twitter and then go to the special Evernote Twitter account called @myEN.   Follow the account.

2.  Check Your Private Direct Messages For A Link


The @myEN account will then automatically follow you back.   Check your Direct Messages folder for a link which you then need to click on.

3.  Link Your Twitter & Evernote Accounts Together

archive your tweets

Now you have to link your Evernote account and Twitter account together. After clicking on the link provided in the direct message, you will be taken to a screen in your Evernote account asking if you want to link your accounts.  Click on “link accounts” and it will be done instantly.

You will now see a new Twitter tab in your Evernote account.

how to archive tweets

4.  Add The Special Tag To Your Tweets


Everything has now been set up for you to archive your tweets in your Evernote account. All you need to do now to start the ball rolling is to add a special @myen to your tweets.   Evernote then looks for these specially tagged tweets and instantly grabs them. That’s the theory anyway. Let’s see if it actually works. I’ll be pretty miffed if it doesn’t!

5.  See Your Tweets Appear In Your Evernote Account


It works! The tweets appear very quickly in your Evernote account. Obviously all of the text is searchable so if you want to know what you tweeted about your dinner two weeks ago, you can now search Evernote for it (provided you added that special @ tag).

A Couple Of Other Features

The slight drawback of this archiving method is that you HAVE to remember that @ tag otherwise the tweet won’t be archived in Evernote (and as I indicated last time, my memory is atrocious). Plus the tag may be small but it is still 5 characters cutting into that 140 character limit. So you may not want to give up 5 characters out of your tweet – or you may not be able to. It would be nice if Evernote would automate the process without us having to tag each tweet like this.

Still, a lot of you may see this method as a nice easy way to archive your tweets for posterity and you may not mind allocating a small part for the tag. What do you think? Is this something you would use? Or will you wait for a more automated method to come out of Evernote HQ?

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