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Appsfire is a website designed to help you find all kinds of information about iOS applications. Originally, they offered two different apps. The first one was designed to help users find collections of apps to complete their iOS experience. The second app was a personal favorite of mine called Appsfire Deals. This app kept track of apps with price drops and apps that used to cost money that are now free. Well, Appsfire has now taken its two apps and merged them into one.

The app, now just called Appsfire 4.0 takes the concept of the two applications and merges them into one. The core functionality remains the same. You can still find the best deals and apps that are now free, but you also get app collections and all the other cool stuff in one place.

The biggest improvement comes in the form of the speed. The app used to take a bit to load, but now it fires everything up and gets going almost instantly. It’s slick, and definitely easy to use.

You can choose what kinds of apps you want to see. If you only care about deals, you can remove all the other sections, and the app will function just like you are accustomed to. If you want to remove certain app categories, you can do that too.

The update is available now from the App Store, and it’s free to both new users and people with the app installed already. If you have a hard time navigating the clutter of the App Store, Appsfire could be the solution for you.


Source: Appsfire 4.0 via The Next Web

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