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Managing your job and school applications can be a handful because of all the requirements and dates that you have to remember. Applymate is a web app that can help you stay organized amidst the chaos of the application process. Applymate lets you track your job or school applications via an accessible dashboard so that you can be aware of their current status, as well as any upcoming important dates.

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To use Applymate, you need to register for an account to start adding applications to your dashboard. Applymate differentiates job applications from school applications since they have different requirements. Applymate can also be synced with calendars and has an email reminder functionality to help get on top of the most important dates such as interviews and deadlines for submission of requirements.

Applymate is a great and useful tool to help you not screw up when applying for your dream job or dream university. This is a truly invaluable tool to manage your applications that can help your chances of getting accepted.


  • Create a centralized dashboard where you can monitor the progress of your job or school applications.
  • Different application template for job application and school application.
  • Can be synchronized with your Google or Outlook calendar.
  • Provides email reminders for important dates.
  • Write down goals for each of your application.
  • Free to use.
  • Similar Tools: Rezscore, Wheretowork, and Hireroom.

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