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With all this talk of saving energy and being energy efficient, how does one find out how much energy household appliances use? Well, start with ApplianceEnergyUses, a simple tool developed by General Electronics. Simply bring your mouse over any of the residential appliance icons and the tool will tell how much energy that appliance uses in watts.

The tool provides information about a total of 53 commonly used residential appliances. Click on any appliance to turn it on and off. By turning off all the appliances you don’t use, you will be able to see the total amount of energy your appliances use. Click on the green star next to any appliance to see information about an EnergyStar alternative and how many years it would take for the EnergyStar appliance to pay for itself.

how much energy household appliances use


  • See how much energy residential appliances use.
  • Includes everything from a furnace to a curling iron.
  • Find out the total energy your appliances use.
  • See information about energy efficient alternatives.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tool: HomeEnergySaver, FuelCharts and MicrosoftHohm

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