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Last week we asked you about the rumored screen change for the iPhone 5 Bigger Screen For The iPhone 5, Good Or Bad? [MakeUseOf Poll] Bigger Screen For The iPhone 5, Good Or Bad? [MakeUseOf Poll] With other devices slowly getting bigger and bigger, the iPhone has been stuck with its 3.5 inch screen ever since its launch. While Apple maintained that this is the perfect size for a smartphone, they... Read More . As it happens, the iPhone 5 rumors were temporarily  buried only days later, with Apple’s win over Samsung, but we’ll get to that in a moment. As for the iPhone’s 5 screen, is seems that no one opinion has consensus with MakeUseOf’s readers.

Out of 355 votes in total, 26.5% think a change in screen size would be good no matter what, 24.5% think a bigger screen would be good only if it’s also wider, not just taller, 16% think the current screen size is great and don’t want to see it change, 10% think it doesn’t matter as the iPhone rocks either way, and 23% don’t care about iPhones.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.


This week’s poll question is: What Do You Think About Apple’s Win Over Samsung?

Consequently, if Apple decides the change the iPhone’s screen size, it might start resembling other smartphones on the market. A similar thing happened to Samsung, who as of this week owe Apple 1 billion dollars for patent infringements, made especially by the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. While there is some resemblance between these devices and the iPhone, one could say most smartphones and tablets have a similar design. What do you think of the outcome of this long trial?


Were you following this trial closely, or have you only just heard of it? Explain your opinions in the comments.

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