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If you are a Mac or iOS user, you should know that Apple has revamped its user support site, so you can now get online and use 24/7 live chat support and other service options.

The redesigned support site starts with a visual display of Apple products and services that link you to the different topics and issues you may be trying to troubleshoot. For example, the iPhone category consists of subtopics including common Battery, Power & Charging issues. You may get linked to information that addresses the problem you’re having, or you can choose from the several support options, including online chat, service repair, or a direct call to an Apple support technician.

In most cases you will need the serial number for the product that you are trying to troubleshoot, and you may also need either Apple’s 1-year limited warranty for the product, an AppleCare Protection Plan, pay a one time service fee of $19.99, or request an exemption for charges. After you provide your serial number, you will be told what warranty or protection plans are available for your product.

The new website also includes support for iTunes, mobile apps and Mac software, and other products and services like iCloud and Apple TV.

This support page links you to other useful resources including video tutorials, product manuals, and user support communities, where you can find troubleshoot solutions with other Apple users from around the world.


When you sign into the support website using your Apple ID, you also get a display of all your registered Apple products, along with the serial number for each product.

If you have visited the new Apple support site, let us know what you think of it. Do you find it easier to navigate and get assistance?

Source: TUAW | Image Credit: iPhone disassembled Via Flickr

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