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When people talk about Apple apps gone wrong, Maps is usually the first one that gets brought up. However, we must not forget about the equally terrible Podcasts application that Apple barely seemed to care about. Thankfully, Apple finally released an update for its Podcasts application that adds some useful new features and actually makes the application worth using.

Apple has given the app a visual overhaul and has done away with the reel to reel design of the playing screen. making it look more like the standard screen that comes with Apple’s music player on iOS. This doesn’t only make the app look different, but makes the buttons much more functional.

The update also adds the ability to create custom stations, to which you can add your favorite shows (perhaps the Technophilia podcast tickles your fancy). These will be updated automatically, making for an experience that is not unlike Pandora Enhance Pandora's Music Magic With These Great Tools Enhance Pandora's Music Magic With These Great Tools For those of you who still haven’t heard of Pandora, it’s an online website that allows you to stream music for free. Unlike other music streaming services, Pandora isn’t built on the idea that you... Read More or another Internet radio service.

The new version of Podcasts also adds the ability to create playlists with individual episodes, and introduces iCloud integration so your custom stations and playlists can now sync across all your devices. iCloud syncing for Podcasts works both ways, so playlists created in iTunes will automatically show up in the Podcasts app on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

As usual, a key part of the update is stability improvements. I’ve spent a day using the app, listening to my favorite podcasts, and so far, it has not crashed once, which is more than I could say about its previous version.


Source: Slashgear

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