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Apple has launched a whole new version of iTunes U, now available on both the iPhone and iPad. iTunes U is Apple’s take on education, and provides entire courses from different universities, colleges, and other facilities from around the world.

We’re not talking about merely podcasts and videos. The courses on iTunes U include everything, and that means handouts, exams, answers and much more material in the form of PDF files you can download for free. The app offers courses on numerous different topics, which come from big places like Harvard and Cambridge, or small ones like community colleges, and even includes K-12 courses.


The main screen of the app looks very much like iBooks, and displays the courses you’ve subscribed to on the familiar wooden shelf. You can browse the iTunes U catalog by institute, browse new courses, or search for your favorite topics. When you subscribe for a course, iTunes U downloads all the core material, and informs you that supplemental material may be purchased from the iTunes Store, App Store or iBookstore.


This venture of Apple’s goes hand in hand with their new iBooks textbooks, and is aimed at both educators, who can design entire courses and make them available through the app, and for students, who can easily access course material and sync it between their different devices.


What do you think of iTunes U? Are you planning to use it?

Source: TUAW

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