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Apple released this week a significant update of its iWork ’09 suite of applications that now adds support for iOS 1.7 versions of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

The update includes significant capability features, including tracking changing between both the iOS and OS X versions of Pages, improvements in the slide transitions between both desktop and mobile versions of Keynote, and several new Numbers features and improvements, including hiding and revealing rows and columns in Numbers documents.

The updates make using iWork and Microsoft documents more compatible between devices. Now for example, when track changes are made in Pages 4.3 documents, those changes will appear in the iOS version of the same document. Users will be able to accept and reject individual changes as they review the document. Track changes are also preserved for Word documents.

In the Numbers 2.3 update, which includes improved compatibility with Excel documents, users can now hide and unhide rows and columns, import and export Numbers for Mac spreadsheets with filters, and turn filters on and off.

The Keynote 1.7 update includes a number of new features for importing and exporting presentation themes from the iOS version of Keynote, the addition of new slide transitions, new printing layout options, and the ability to lock and unlock objects.


If you purchased the iWork programs in a box set you can download the update via one of the applications on your desktop, or directly from the Apple site here. Otherwise you need to update them via the App Store update process.

Source: Macworld

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