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Thanks to the outcome of a class-action lawsuit over Apple’s old rules for in-app purchases, Apple customers can now submit refund claims for iTunes credit. The credit is offered as compensation for Apple’s previous iOS system for in-app purchases, where a system security flaw allowed children to rack up thousands of dollars in iTunes purchases, much to the surprise of parents. The system provided a 15 minute window where users could continue to make purchases without providing a password.

If you discovered such in-app purchases made on your iTunes account prior to May 2, 2013 in the old system, you can now submit a claim for your share of the settlement, using an online claim form provided by Apple and the plaintiffs of the settlement. To receive your credit, just select the option stating that a minor within the family made an in-app purchase without permission, and that you haven’t already received a refund for the purchase. If you select the option for a $5 credit, you can receive a quick $5 refund in the form of credit on your iTunes account, or as a cash payment.

If the in-app purchases amounted to more than just the $5 minimum, you can request an itemized refund up to $30. To receive an itemized refund, you’ll need to use the settlement search form to find every app that was purchased to see if it qualifies under the settlement refund plan. Qualified apps are those that were available before May 2, 2013, and have a 4+, 9+ or 12+ rating.

For any refunds over $30, you will need to type up a narrative explaining the circumstances, and if in-app purchases were made after a given 45-day window, why you failed to notice purchase confirmation emails from Apple, or failed to dispute the credit card charges. All claims need to be submitted no later than January 13, 2014.

Source: Macworld


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