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Apple has just released a new version of OS X How To Run Widgets On Your Desktop In Mountain Lion [Mac OS X] How To Run Widgets On Your Desktop In Mountain Lion [Mac OS X] Relegated to a separate desktop since Lion, developers seem to have abandoned the Dashboard in favor of making apps for the iPhone. That doesn't mean there aren't still useful widgets, though. If you like widgets,... Read More for Mac that adds some nice fixes, including getting rid of that annoying bug that caused iMessages to arrive out of order. Anyone who uses Apple’s Messages app to text message with friends on iOS devices has probably seen this bug first-hand, and knows just how annoying it truly is.

Users looking to get Mountain Lion 10.8.4 can update now through the Mac App Store and through a direct download from Apple’s support site. OS X 10.8.4 also updates Safari to version 6.0.5, which stabilizes the browser for certain websites with chat features and games.


Another fix comes in the form of compatibility improvements for certain Wi-Fi networks. Apple has also improved the way Macs work with Microsoft Exchange in Calendar.

FaceTime also sees some tweaks in the latest OS X release. Previously, users were facing issues making calls to non US numbers, but with the update, that should not be an problem anymore.


There are plenty of other small changes, the most important of which you will find in the following list:

  • A fix for an issue that may prevent scheduled sleep after using Boot Camp
  • Improves VoiceOver compatibility with text in PDF documents
  • Resolves an issue in which birthdays in Calendars may appear incorrectly in certain time zones
  • A fix for an issue that may prevent the desktop background picture from being preserved after restart
  • A fix for an issue that may prevent documents from being saved to a server using SMB

For the complete list of changes, have a look at the official Apple Support page for the newly released version of OS X.

Of course, this update comes extremely close to WWDC, where Apple is expected to preview OS X 10.9, which should bring far more substantial changes.

Source: TheNextWeb

  1. mac user
    June 5, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    iMessage still gets messages out of order even after update... problem still exists.

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