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As Apple prepares to deck the retail shelves with the new iPod Touch, it is also preparing all potential customers with a handy iPod Touch user guide. Apple has published an eBook that goes into the ins and outs of using the new iPod Touch and all the amazing things you can do with it. Apple says it is the definitive guide if you are planning on a purchase.

You can download the user guide with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or via iTunes on your computer. Though you can only read it on an iOS device. The latest iPod Touch user book follows the one that came after the iOS 5 update. The 476 page guide is detailed and well-illustrated.

From the description of the accessories (e.g. the loop) to how to set it up with your PC, iTunes, and the computer, and the instructions on using it beyond that are all covered. The new iPod Touch also gets Siri, and it will take getting some used to for those who are not familiar with it. Head for the 22 pages on Siri.

As Apple says, the iPod touch User Guide is an essential part of any iPod touch library.

Source: Apple iTunes


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