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Have you been having problems with Wi-Fi on your iPad 3? Apparently you’re not alone. According to a leaked customer service email, Apple is starting to take a serious look at reports of Wi-Fi issues plaguing some new iPads 5 Reasons The New iPad Sucks [Opinion] 5 Reasons The New iPad Sucks [Opinion] As you're no doubt aware thanks to the blanket coverage all across the Web, Apple unveiled its latest hardware on March 7. That hardware being "the new iPad," or "iPad (third-generation)," or, as most people... Read More .

The symptoms listed are typical of wireless connectivity problems. They include slow speeds, spotty connectivity and an inability to detect networks. Such a vague description of the problem may be frustrating, but there is hope. Apple’s internal memo states that devices that appear to have a hardware problem are to be “captured.” This term likely means that affected customers will be asked to return their iPad for replacement, though that tidbit is not publically confirmed.

A thread on the Apple support forums – which is now over 800 replies and counting – certainly helped to encourage a closer look. Speculation about the problem ranges from router compatibility to faulty hardware to a “death grip” issue similar to that which plagued the iPhone 4. At this point, none of the user purposed solutions have consistently worked.

Don’t hesitate to call AppleCare if you’re experiencing this problem. At this point no one knows the exact point at which Apple will offer a replacement, but even if they do not do so immediately, your call could help hurry along a resolution – be it a replacement tablet, a software update Getting Started With iOS 5: What To Do After The Update Getting Started With iOS 5: What To Do After The Update The world’s most advanced mobile operating system just got better, or so they say - and I’m inclined to agree. Apple’s latest iOS release finally brings some much-requested features to the iDevice line-up, with even... Read More or some other fix.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac


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