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The wait could finally be almost over. Apple has played their cards so incredibly close to the chest when it comes to any information about their next phone. Apple fans (myself included) have waited intently for any little piece of information about the elusive iPhone 5. Finally, it looks extremely likely that Apple will announce their next iPhone entry on October 4th.

AllThingsD claims that Apple will be holding a major media event on the 4th, and that the event will be hosted by newly appointed CEO Tim Cook. Based on the constant rumors of an October release date for the iPhone 5, it only serves to reason that this event will be the announcement everyone is hoping for.

This event is also a big deal because it will be Tim Cook’s first event at the helm. Typically, major Apple press conferences were hosted by Steve Jobs, so it will be interesting to see how Tim Cook handles the spotlight. The fortunate thing for him is that if this is the big iPhone unveiling, no one will care if he botches it because we will all be so ecstatic for the new iPhone that nothing else will really matter.

Source: Maximum PC via AllThingsD

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  1. PHADE
    September 22, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Most likely this event will be for the ALL white iPod touch and the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 looks to be a VERY late 2011 or VERY early 2012 release.