Apple Forced To Replace Frayed MagSafe Power Cords [News]

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Apple has come up against a class action lawsuit. They don’t believe they are at fault, but they’ve decided to settle anyway. Any old school Mac owners who have the original MagSafe power cords, and have had it fray on them, can now get a free replacement or some money. This is great news if you are stuck with a broken charger. Now you don’t have to spend a penny to get a new one.

To file a claim you simply have to head over to your local Apple store, or Apple authorized repair center with your damaged charger cable and they will issue a replacement for free. Thankfully, Apple is making the process nice and easy, so you won’t have to go through with mailing anything to get a new one.

Users have until March 21st, 2012 to file a monetary claim, or December 31st, 2012 to get a replacement cable. If you choose to the monetary route, you will need to go to and register.

There is a catch though. Apple reserves the right to reject your cable if it shows signs of damage that is not caused by this manufacturing defect. They will only replace it if it shows signs of “strain relief damage” which they define as “fraying, melting, straining, sparking, weakening, discoloration, bubbling, overheating and/or separation of the Adapter’s strain reliefs.”

If you have one of these cables, then take it to a local Apple store and get your free replacement before it’s too late.

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Source: TechCrunch

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WHO kept theirs??!!! I replaced TWO of the damn things and threw out the broken ones LONG ago. Still have the laptops though…. I guess that’s the important thing. But that’s $140 I shouldn’t have had to spend back then and I’d love new ones now. 



Does this apply on to people living in the States or is it possible for other people living in countries to replace their power cords?


That’s my question too. The other one is if it works for the other end of the cable too? The magsafe part is fine with mines. I have problems on the other end where the cable connects the adapter…

Dave LeClair

Right now it’s us only.



Mine barely works. Just visited the Apple Store – because it’s not frayed, they won’t replace it. I’m sure it’s frayed on the inside, but it looks fine so they asked me to pay up.



Noticed mine was frayed when my MacBook suddenly lost power, went dark and didn’t go on battery power. Scary. Area where cord meets brick, completely uncovered, wires exposed and frayed. Bought a new one, overnighted from Amazon. I see it’s a somewhat different design. I always thought Apple bricks, mag or not, were pieces of crap. Glad I found out about this and that they’re stepping up to the plate.

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