Apple Will Exclude YouTube App From iOS 6 [Updates]

YouTube app icon   Apple Will Exclude YouTube App From iOS 6 [Updates]Based on the latest beta version of iOS 6 which was seeded to developers, there are reports that the previous default YouTube app will not be a part of the next version of the mobile operating system for the iPhone and other iOS devices, scheduled for release this fall.

Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller told Macworld, “Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store“. Other reports say however that Apple will not exclude the YouTube app in future updates of the current iOS 5.

youtube 2   Apple Will Exclude YouTube App From iOS 6 [Updates]

The exclusion of the YouTube app follows Apple’s decision, announced at the June’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, to also remove the previous default Google Map app. Apple will replace that app with its own turn-by-turn navigation app.

The exclusion of YouTube shouldn’t be a major problem for iOS users. In the current iOS, you can actually stop the video app from opening on the iPhone and the iPad by launching the Settings app > General > Restrictions. After creating and entering a passcode, you can turn YouTube app to Off. After that, YouTube, and HTML-5 compatible video should open within the web browser instead of the YouTube app.

IMG 3422   Apple Will Exclude YouTube App From iOS 6 [Updates]

Google said it will develop a separate YouTube app for the iOS platform that users can download to keep track of and manage videos. Google’s app will more than likely include additional features, such as its own notifications and ad integration.

Source: Macworld

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Steven Kim

Damn..Apple throws a lefthook lol :-)

Bakari Chavanu

Yeah, it looks that way.

Francisco Fernández

I dont mind the YouT… the Google Maps is a different story thou :s

Bakari Chavanu

Francisco, are you thinking Apple’s Map won’t be as good as Google’s?

Francisco Fernández

Not for now IMO…
Then again, they DO improve and innovate… But the way I see it, is’s going to be hard to beat Google’s. Most (if not all) those I know, leave their Google maps installed “just in case” when trying something new… just to end up going back to he good known one…
Maybe once safari goes ahead of Chrome? hard to say hu?

Bakari Chavanu

Yeah, hard to say. Sometimes it seem as if Apple can be stubborn about the directions it takes, and later they have to backtrack. So we will see.

Richard Borkovec

I just hope the stand-alone is a good app, considering Google and Apple’s relationship lately.

Bakari Chavanu

Yeah, it seems like they’re trying to sever the ties with one another. The stand-alone app should however be an improvement.


I’ve always found the YouTube app in iOS to be pretty lackluster. I think Google can definitely do it better.

Bakari Chavanu

You might be right, musicphann. Many third-party apps are better than Apple’s offerings. Apple sometimes tries to keep some features too basic.


Okay. The YouTube App I can do without, but the Google Maps App?! I seriously hope Apple’s Map is as good or else I’m buying a phone that can support Google Maps!

Keefe Kingston

I’m sure after Apple abandons it, it’ll be on the app store ;)

Keefe Kingston

For yeahs, Google has been wanting Apple to change the YouTube app, but Apple hasn’t changed it at all. Discontinuation of it actually makes sense, since it means Google can control the YouTube app now, which will probably result in a better user experience, as long as they listen to feedback. The Apple YT app was sufficient to watch videos with…but it could do little more then that. I don’t think anyone will shed a tear when it’s removed from the home screen.

Bakari Chavanu

Lol, Keefe, I agree on that point. I never actually just clicked on the YT app on my iPhone. It only opened via the browser.

Keefe Kingston

For yeahs? *Years >.>;;


I think it’s a good thing that the YouTube app is being dropped because it’s never worked properly, since I don’t think there’s ever been an update for it. Whenever I have time to watch something on my iPhone, I just use the Dish Remote Access app. I don’t have to get frustrated with it not working right, because it always streams live TV and my DVR recordings without any lag. I even got a few of my co-workers at Dish interested in getting their own Sling Adapters, just so they could have something dependable to watch on their mobile devices.

Bakari Chavanu

Hey Kelley, I never heard of the Dish Remote Access app. The YT app has always worked for me, but I imagine that it could do a lot more. I’ll check out Dish. Thanks for the feedback.


Will miss Street View as its real champion when it comes to finding places youve not been to before. Hope Google will release a Maps App for iOS. The web bases Google Maps does not show Street View on tablet or phone as it is run by Adobe flash and Apple does not allow that :-(

Bakari Chavanu

Thanks, Jaybo, for hat added info. I hadn’t thought about that.

Diego Martinez

Why did that happen?


Please, please come up with A way to delete photos in the iphone albums iOS6, without the hook-ups to the PC and a bunch of crazy things to add?? It seems like it should be so simple. It has always been a part of any photo program before, why should we be stuck with 47 copies of the same folder, and the inability to get rid of the ones we’ve organized into albums? Are the truly anal people being penalized for their tidy ways? Thanks!

Bakari Chavanu

Martinique, I couldn’t agree with you more.


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Bakari Chavanu

Erin, I would deftly check out this app. Thanks for sharing.

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