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It’s common in most situations for iPhone users to say “there’s an app for that!” Well, there are in fact so many apps in the Apple App Store that the company has just approved the 500,000th app.

Compare that to its nearest rival, Google Android, which has 294,000 apps in Android Market, and you’ll see instantly that Steve Jobs and Co have a rather substantial lead over their competitors.

Below is an infographic showing various facts and figures from the Apple App Store, ranging from the number of developers to the average price of an app.  See which apps are the most popular and see some of the history behind apps which are household names today such as Amazon, Kindle, Twitter and Angry Birds.

Will this inspire you to get an iPhone (if you don’t already have one)?  Do you think Android has a chance of catching up anytime soon?  Anything that the infographic has missed out?  Have your say in the comments below!

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