Apple Admits Failure, Android TV, Windows In The Car, Amazon Dash [Tech News Digest]

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Today in Tech News Digest, Apple admits failure, Google works on Android TV, Microsoft wants Windows in your car, Amazon unveils Dash, Microsoft fixes Xbox One flaw, IFTTT comes to the iPad, and every SNES start screen ever is compiled into one epic video.

Apple Admits It’s Failing To Deliver

Apple has privately admitted it’s failing to deliver what consumers want. Not publicly, of course, but in a highly confidential internal document that has been made public as a result of the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung court case. This is just one of six docs Re/code has pinpointed from the first week in court.

The series of slides, which are much more negative than those shown on stage during product launches, declare, “Customers want what we don’t have.” This refers to smartphones priced at less than $300 and smartphones with screens larger than 4 inches.

This all suggests that rumors Apple is going to offer more choice to consumers, both in terms of screen size and pricing, in its next hardware update are accurate. But it also suggests Apple is having to react to the market rather than lead from the front. How times have changed.

Google Developing Android TV

Google is busy developing Android TV, the successor to Google TV, which failed to take off in the way Google Chairman Eric Schmidt predicted. This is according to The Verge, which claims to have obtained documents detailing the new effort.

Android TV is described by Google as “an entertainment interface, not a computing platform.” As a result of which the UI looks very similar to that favored by existing streaming media set-top boxes, including the new Amazon Fire TV announced last week.

Select app developers are reportedly already working on building for the platform, but it’s thought Google isn’t looking to ditch Chromecast in favor of Android TV, with both co-existing side-by-side. Which suggests Google is simply hedging its bets in this field.

Microsoft Wants Windows In Your Car

Microsoft has unveiled its vision for Windows in the car, an alternative to Apple’s CarPlay. The system is being talked about as just a concept but is reportedly already being tested in real cars.

Windows in the car would bring a combination of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to your center console, with developers able to create apps designed to be used only in cars. Microsoft hasn’t offered any clues as to when (if ever) this will be released.

Amazon Dash Brings Scan & Speak Shopping

Amazon has announced Amazon Dash, an accessory designed to make it easier for AmazonFresh users to order their shopping. The 6-inch device places Amazon orders via either speech recognition or a barcode scanner, with every product added to a shopping basket ready for checkout.

AmazonFresh, which offers same-day delivery on fresh groceries and more, is currently only available in Southern California, San Francisco, and Seattle. Hence, Amazon Dash is also limited to these markets for the time being.

5-Year-Old Discovers Xbox One Flaw

A precocious 5-year-old boy has discovered a major security flaw on the Xbox One. Kristoffer Von Hassel bypassed login safeguards on the Microsoft games console by entering the wrong credentials into his father’s account and then entering all blank spaces on the second time of asking.

The flaw has now been fixed, and Microsoft has rewarded Kristoffer for his detective work with four games, $50 in cash, and one year of Xbox Live Gold. Which sounds a little stingy to us.

IFTTT Comes To The iPad

IFTTT has landed on the iPad, with a dedicated app that brings “recipe collections, location triggers for iOS photos, and support for push notifications” to the party.

For the uninitiated out there, IFTTT allows you to connect various applications and trigger actions using recipes. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, and is actually rather brilliant. Especially if you read our free guide to using IFTTT.

Every SNES Start Screen Ever

And finally, it takes a certain kind of person to possess the time, patience, and attention to detail needed to compile a video showing every SNES start screen ever. Thankfully, for the benefit of the rest of us, such a person exists.

The YouTube video embedded above isn’t for the faint of heart, being a smidgen over nine hours long. Sure, no one is likely to sit through the whole thing, but we don’t care. It exists, and that’s all that matters. Good work, NicksplosionFX.

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Image Credit: Tyler Hawkins via Flickr

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Tom W

What Steve Jobs did was to convince people to buy his product. He made them want it, he made them need it, he made them desire it. The products haven’t changed, Apple has changed.

Some companies offer $10,000 – $100,000 for security flaws like that. Microsoft, apparently, offers a handful of games.

How do you know that the 9-hour video contains every start screen if you haven’t watched it all the way through? :P

Dave P

I agree. Steve Jobs, love him or hate him, has something that no one currently at Apple does. And I’m not sure Apple will ever be as good at innovating without him at the helm.

I can’t help thinking Microsoft would have been more generous had it been an adult rather than a kid. Which is shameful!

Via the art of clicking on random places and reading the list of games on Tumblr ;)



“Microsoft Wants Windows In Your Car”
After the debacle with Windows NT being used to control a US Navy ship, I’d rather have Linux in my car.

Looks like we are about to find out the answer to the old conundrum of “What would happen if M$ built a car the way they designed Windows?”


Microsoft been in cars for years without any problems. Plus this will be using Windows Phone OS, its most stable, fast, non exploitable smartphone OS out today. I rather have Window Phone in my car than Android or iOS.

Dave P

I cannot wait to see what happens when a car experiences the blue screen of death. Death and destruction, probably.


GM is recalling close to 3 million cars because faulty ignition switches can cause an interuption in the flow of electricity to the rest of the car while it is in motion. I would assume a BSOD would cause similar problems. A BSOD shutdown a Navy ship about 10 or so years ago. That was the last time the Navy tried to use Windows to control a ship. I believe they switched to one of the *nixes.



Microsoft could at least give the kid a job….when he turns 18.

Microsoft must exist till then.

Dave P

13 more years? Yeah, I reckon Microsoft will survive that long. They’re not exactly short of cash.

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