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A new section has been introduced to Apple product pages, providing a community-based substitute for the product’s regular FAQ. In “Answers From The Community”, the new section’s name, anyone can post a question regarding an Apple product and anyone with an Apple ID can post an answer. Answers from the community merges with an already existing section called “Questions and Answers”.

Visit any Apple product page such as the iPhone 4S or the new iPad, and scroll all the way down. After the FAQ section, you will find the Answers From The Community section. The section is not dissimilar to a user forum, and according to The Next Web, Apple may be pulling questions from their support forum to this section in order to consolidate the two.

The questions are conveniently sorted into categories, and you can easily view only questions that have to do with features and specs, accessories, apps, etc. You can also follow a topic or a specific question to get notified when a new answer is posted. If you search for a specific question and can’t find it, Apple will give you the option to submit your own question.

The new section is moderated by Apple, so you don’t have to worry about irrelevant or annoying comments. Each answer can be voted up or down, and the best answer is highlighted and featured as the first answer to every question.

Are you going to use this new feature to get some Apple questions answered? Or will you be an answer contributor?


Source: The Next Web

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